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Award-Winning Platform Now Features “Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine” to Deliver Comprehensive “Disaster Recovery Site in a Box” Capabilities to Virtualized Server Environments

HAYWARD, CA – November 10, 2009 – StoneFly, Inc., a leading supplier of integrated IP storage area network (SAN) systems, today unveiled StoneFusion 6.3, a more robust and virtualization-focused version of the company’s intelligent network storage platform. Integrated into all StoneFly IP SANs, StoneFusion provides block-level provisioning and centralized storage management, control and monitoring of logical storage volumes.

Key Updates

  • Compatibility with StoneFly’s new Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine (SCVM™), which provides comprehensive disaster recovery capabilities and enhanced support for leading virtual machine guest operating systems (OS)
  • Improved system management with Quick Sync™ and Pass-thru Copy features
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) support for all IP SANs

SCVM Compatibility for Comprehensive Disaster Recovery
The StoneFusion 6.3 release includes compatibility with StoneFly’s new Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine (SCVM), a comprehensive “disaster recovery site in a box” that creates a virtual IP SAN appliance and can be used in conjunction with any virtual machine guest operating system. By supporting these OS platforms, StoneFly further extends the value of its IP SANs in next-generation datacenters, helping customers manage large collections of infrastructure — including CPUs, storage and networking — as a seamless, flexible and dynamic cloud environment. StoneFusion delivers comprehensive storage services to these environments, including built-in support for leading iSCSI initiators for speedy integration of networked storage with virtual servers.
Featuring advanced storage services, such as synchronous mirroring via LAN or asynchronous mirroring (replication) via WAN, SCVM enables enterprise customers to quickly and easily move data volumes within the datacenter and distributed campus, or to a remote location. StoneFly’s Integrated Storage Concentrator (ISC), Voyager and OptiSAN are among the key product families that can be utilized with SCVM.

Improved Management with Quick Sync and Pass-thru Copy
The new Quick Sync feature allows customers to rapidly restore mirrored iSCSI volumes. In the event of a storage path or site failure, StoneFusion keeps track of block-level changes to the operational volumes. When the system is restored, Quick Sync updates the mirrored volumes quickly by only restoring net changes, thereby bringing the volumes back online immediately — without the time and hassle of an entire restore operation.

StoneFusion 6.3 also expands StoneFly’s support for Pass-thru Copy for improved data migration. Pass-thru data volumes are any external volumes not created or managed by a StoneFly IP SAN. They exist in SCSI, Fibre Channel and other storage devices and SANs. Customers use this feature to migrate older storage data volumes to Stonefly volumes, making them easily accessible and also capable of benefiting from all of the data management and storage consolidation features that StoneFly has to offer.

Improved Uptime with UPS Support
With UPS support now available in the latest StoneFusion release, customers can further bolster business continuity initiatives in the event of power failure. All StoneFly IP SAN appliances equipped with StoneFusion 6.3 will feature UPS compatibility to prevent undesired outages of the power source and to maintain system availability.

StoneFusion 6.3 comes standard as an integrated operating system in all new StoneFly IP SANs and is available effective immediately. Existing customers should contact StoneFly Support for upgrade information at (888) 786-6335.

About StoneFusion
StoneFusion was first introduced when StoneFly launched in 2000 as a pioneering provider of IP SANs. Since then, the company has continued to build upon the software’s best-in-class capabilities, including its patented storage virtualization engine. StoneFusion also offers StoneFly Reflection™ for local and campus mirroring, and StoneFly Snapshot™ for fast, efficient data recovery, as well as capabilities for data migration, storage consolidation, access control, volume management, and provisioning to present SAN storage to hosts as local disks.

About StoneFly, Inc.
StoneFly, Inc., headquartered in San Diego, was founded in April 2000 to deliver upon the vision of simple and affordable storage optimization and disaster recovery protection through IP SAN solutions. StoneFly is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory, Inc. (DNF), a leading maker of high-performance network attached storage, storage area networks, RAID and iSCSI systems. For more information on StoneFly, please or


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