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Bambino MAM


StoneFly overcomes unprecedented challenges in post-production such as media and metadata management, as well as seamless MAM integrations that combine cost-effectiveness with high reliability.

Therefore StoneFly build flexible web interface MAM to help you in your business with a turnkey MAM Solution .

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    Media Asset Management empowers broadcasters to manage in real-time, the end-to-end process of preview, invoicing, approval and scheduling. With its seamless integrations, Bambino MAM improves efficiency, streamlines operations, connects resources across the entire workflow and results in an overall reduction in manual operations.

    Find assets fast, streamline media operations, and enable new revenue opportunities with MAM, a powerful, highly scalable, and fully customizable media asset manager. Trusted by top broadcast, news, and post-production facilities, MAM manages the entire lifecycle of your content, making it easy to browse and retrieve media across multiple tiers of storage for reuse or repurposing. And with its service-oriented architecture, it easily integrates into your existing infrastructure or with any third party solutions.


    Core features

    • MAM answers complex and widespread needs for data storage and retrieval system, from a Single Channel to a Multi-Channel Turn-Key Stonefly MAM organises your digital library. Content can be searched, browsed and distributed easily anywhere within your broadcast workflow.
    • We can easily imagine its extensive application in the following fields: Broadcasters – Corporate companies – Multimedia libraries and museums – E-commerce companies – Marketing agencies, and so on.
    • Advanced data storage and retrieval system.
    •  Access your content anytime anywhere from a PC or MAC. Upload media remotely and edit metadata via user friendly interface.
    • View of digital asset metadata.
    • Group and single user access management.
    • Integrated document management for complete paperless operations.
    • Query builder to improve quicker searches.
    • Storyboard Basic and advanced view
    • Static ingest/ upload
    • Cost effective solutions: end to end digital tapeless workflow.
    • High/low resolution previews as it can have Built-in multi profile transcode engine provides ability to create automatic low resolutions files and various other formats suitable for broadcast requirements.
    • Your library is accessible in your editing suites with Integration for your editing software such as Final Cut, Sony Vegas, Edius and Adobe.
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