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StoneFly DR365 Veeam-Immutable Veeam-Air-Gapped (VIVA)

The DR365VIVA is a purpose-built appliance for Veeam backup environments. It's a fully automated immutable and air-gapped backup and disaster recovery node with integrated policy-based network and power management.

Store your critical backups where ransomware attacks cannot affect them!


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    Why do you need physically air-gapped nodes?
    Ransomware attacks target your data and your backups. Even the best backup servers are rendered useless, if the backups are insecure and always accessible using the same network.
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    Ransomware Protection
    Store your critical backups in physically isolated and immutable air-gapped nodes so that ransomware attacks cannot access, encrypt or delete them.
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    Comply with data security regulations such as HIPAA, CJIS, FedRAMP, etc. by using air-gapped nodes to set up data protection strategies such as 3-2-1, 3-2-1-1-0, and 4-3-2.
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    Business Continuity
    Keep your lights on and ensure business continuity by reducing Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) from days or weeks to a few hours or even minutes.
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    What are Air-Gapped Nodes?
    Air-gapped nodes are physical backup and disaster recovery appliances purpose-built to provide air-gapping and immutability for your critical backups, snapshots, and replicas.
    The air-gapped nodes leverage Veeam-integration and enable storage administrators to set policies which automatically isolates the nodes using the built-in network and power controller.
    As the backup data stored in air-gapped nodes is isolated from your production and backup environments, it is protected from threats such as ransomware attacks, accidental/malicious deletion, virus, etc.
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    Ransomware attacks your data and your backups
    Backups Aren't Enough - Here's Why You Need Air-Gapping and Immutability

    How Air-Gapped Nodes Work

    How air-gapped nodes work

    Ransomware Protection

    Backups stored in air-gapped nodes are offline and cannot be accessed or changed by ransomware, virus, and other malicious actors.

    Immutable Backup Storage

    Store critical backups, snapshots, and replicas in immutable storage volumes that cannot be changed, edited, deleted, or overwritten.

    Physically Air-Gapped Nodes

    StoneFly air-gapped nodes automatically isolate themselves from the network as per user defined policies.


    StoneFly Air-Gapped Nodes Support Most Popular Backup Software

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    Available Air-Gapped Nodes Hardware

    Appliances Processor System Memory Network
    D-Series 8 to 36-bay Choice of 4-Core to 8-Core Xeon 32GB to 256GB Dual 1/10/40/100Gb Network Ports
    XS-Series 4 to 36-bay Choice of 10-Core to 28-Core Xeon 32GB to 512GB Dual 1/10/40/100Gb Network Ports
    XD-Series 8 to 36-bay Choice of Dual 10 to 28-Core Xeon 64GB to 1TB Dual 1/10/40/100Gb Network Ports

    Note : Supported network ports depends on the appliance model and series. For additional details, please contact StoneFly sales.

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