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Unleash the benefits of the all-new Etere DiskLibrary which gives you speedy restorations, better performance and reliability. Users are able to use any archive enclosure, allowing greater flexibility.

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    Etere DiskLibrary is an archive based on sleeping disks and it allows the user to use any archive enclosure. The versatile solution is also compatible with hardware from different vendors. Etere DiskLibrary is a cost-efficient alternative to Linear Tape-Open (LTO) tapes. LTO access is limited to the number of files and linear access, while DiskLibrary allows unlimited I/O.

    Compared to tape, disk backup provides greater reliability, faster data recovery and faster write speed. However, with Etere DiskLibrary, not only is the performance superior, it also provides greater flexibility, reliability and security at a lower cost.


    Media Center Scale Out Enterprise Media Director for any Media Workflow System

    Etere DiskLibrary simplifies the archive process and provides a flexible solution that is able to grow with the company, thus providing greater returns. It keeps the business ahead of trends in archival technology.

    Etere DiskLibrary is able to integrate MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) for high performance, fast restores and larger capacity for a smaller energy consumption and footprint. MAID is suitable for Write Once Read Occasionally (WORO) applications. With MAID technology, only disks which are active will be spinning at any point of time, thus prolonging the life of the drives by more than 6 times as compared to conventional disks.

    Etere DiskLibrary can be configured with JBODS. JBODS are multiple hard disk drives which may be independent or combined into one or more logical volumes using a volume manager. Each drive can be accessed from the host PC as a separate drive. Users are also able to mix different disk sizes in JBODS.

    Data Replication

    Etere DiskLibrary enables data replication with minimal recovery time. Users are able to select the number of copies of each file to be replicated and stored on different disks. In addition, disks may be distributed in different locations and the protection level for the disks can be customized. With Etere DiskLibrary, your valuable data is covered with both logical and physical redundancies that protects your data even in the event of a site-wide disaster.

    Etere DiskLibrary allows companies to leverage their archival data to increase distribution and monetization opportunities. Archived data may be needed for repurpose, re-release, distribution or compliance regulatory requirements, thus data retention is an important part of the broadcasting process. Etere DiskLibrary enables an automated workflow backed by a centralized database of archival records. It leverages a single location for sharing and monetizing assets and allows for access on demand, without the need for additional caching and management layers. The advantages include lower infrastructure costs, less complexity and improved workflow efficiency. Etere’s distributed architecture also ensures a fault-resilient and fault-tolerant performance.

    Disaster Recovery and Data Replication
    In the event of a disk failure, Etere DiskLibrary enables data replication with minimal recovery time. Protection levels can be customised and media files can be accessed, restored and replicated quickly.

    Lower Cost of Ownership
    Etere DiskLibrary uses sleeping disks which enable significant power savings when not in use. The average life span of the disks is also enhanced. With current technology, cost is less than LTO for capacity up to 1 PB.

    Increased Compatibility
    ■ Standard NTFS file system
    ■ SMPTE 2034 data format
    ■ Mix disks of any size
    ■ Reads any disk from any computer
    ■ Mix disk enclosures and disk driver from different vendors
    ■ Disk encryption can be use to avoid unauthorized access

    Long-term Storage Solution: Tape and Disk
    The storage volume required to save, preserve and secure data often exceeds the storage capacities of enterprises and some companies might face a performance bottleneck. In many cases, data is retained because of compliance regulations or purely for record purposes. The data retained may not be accessed frequently or even at all. Thus, data retention is viewed as a liability instead of a retention of an asset because of its value. Data centers need to evaluate whether a response time of several minutes for archive retrieval is sufficient or is there a necessity for a much faster response time. In addition, data that needs to be retained for a longer interval may incur higher costs when compared to short-time archival options. Companies will also need to consider technology advances and changes in data protection policies that may result in inevitable upgrades in the future.

    Picking an archive solution that meets the functional requirements of the archived data will not only ensure regulatory compliance, lower costs, and mitigate risks but will also meet operational goals and achieve long-term viability. For data that requires high accessibility, instant availability, greater flexibility and high quality, disk-based archive is the ideal option. Typically, disk archive solutions are chosen for speed and tape for cost savings. In some instances, a strategy that incorporates a mix of both tape-based and disk-based equips organisations with the flexibility to adapt the most suitable solution based on the functional requirements of the data to be archived.


    Etere DiskLibrary is a disk-based archive solution that bridges the gap between performance and cost-efficiency. It is a versatile solution that works well on its own or as part of a hybrid disk and tape solution. It is a more cost-efficient alternative to Linear Tape-Open (LTO) tapes. It features greater flexibility and interoperability as it allows the user to use any archive enclosure instead of a dedicated type. For long-term benefits, Etere DiskLibrary provides easy upgrades and updates

    Etere DiskLibrary provides advantages including:

    ■ Faster response time puts less stress on your system

    ■ Fast and easy scalability ensures that backup capabilities are unaffected in the event of a change

    ■ Enables duplication of data

    ■ More compact and cheaper than tape library

    ■ The headquarters will be able to manage duplicate copies even within different libraries

    ■ The system can have multiple disk libraries with each library connected to a single data pump

    ■ The headquarters is capable of managing duplicate copies, similar to LTO

    ■ There is no capacity limit on the licence to activate the disk library

    ■ The headquarters will be able to schedule the archive on a disk in the same way as it schedules the archive on a tape
    ■ Disk-based backup and recovery with recovery at any point in time to protect data against loss or corruption

    ■ Can be adapted to environments of any size from a single device to multi-devices configurations

    ■ Quick and easy upgrades

    ■ The data mover can manage multiple archives and retrievals at the same time
    ■ All-in-one software-based solution that works with a simple PC setup

    ■ Fast and powerful performance with Windows SQL database integration

    ■ Faster data recovery and restoration when compared to tapes
    ■ High redundancy and secured data protection

    ■ Easy upgrades with very low maintenance costs

    ■ Able to cluster multiple disk archives to create a geographically distributed archive

    ■ Off-premise deployments, configurations and upgrades at geographically distributed locations

    ■ Provides both logical and physical redundancies that protects your data even in the event of a site-wide disaster such as    a natural disaster

    ■ Archive based on sleeping disks, with optimized performance at a lower cost

    ■ Users can use any archive enclosure, allowing greater flexibility and interoperability

    ■ Customisable settings for user rights

    ■ Faster replication, migration and integration

    ■ Distributed architecture ensures a fault-resilient and fault-tolerant performance

    ■ Supports partial restore, allowing users to manage restorations according to their specific requirements

    ■ Able to handle large data capacity with no limitations, suitable for media enterprises

    ■ Retrieval will be done in a similar way as tape, each metafile will have the correct path as LTFS (Linear Tape File System)

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