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Nunzio Newsroom is the MERP component that enables you to develop a story from the initial idea to the final broadcast.

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    With Nunzio newsroom, you can work better, faster and achieve amazing results. Nunzio Newsroom is a highly-flexible and cost-effective solution with fully empowered NRCS capabilities to manage the entire tapeless workflow of a Newsroom environment, starting from the planning of news stories (virtual assets) to the control of on-air playback.

    Nunzio Newsroom makes all jobs within a Newsroom easier, helping managers control overall daily operations, guiding journalists to prepare their stories, and enabling editors to quickly edit (e.g. voice-over) and deliver news stories. Nunzio Newsroom is the newsroom management component of Etere MERP Etere Media Enterprise Resource Planning (MERP), the approach that greatly improves coordinated multi-media planning and collaboration across different production units such as radio, TV or web departments, editorial driven workflow and metadata management.

    Nunzio Newsroom enables you to develop a story from the initial idea to broadcast. It leverages Etere workflow capabilities to handle requirements and offers ideal integration in the entire existing IT and production environment. Nunzio Newsroom relies on an Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) database and uses the Etere Media Management Etere Media Management engine for transfers and federate integration of multisite systems.

    Etere Workflow organizes human tasks and automates all processes. It is the end-to-end solution for a streamlined workflow management from ingestion and production to automated playout with secondary events, including media archiving and distribution, open standards for integrations, cost-effective IT infrastructure, highly scalable and reliable enterprise products.

    End-To-End NewsRoom System


    End-To-End NewsRoom System


    ■ All key newsroom features in one software
    ■ Flexible and scalable production workflow
    ■ Fully configurable data model
    ■ Sophisticated rights, search and communication tools
    ■ All-in-one solution, get all the functions for a single price
    ■ News tickers to create custom carousels

    End-To-End NewsRoom System

    Rich Client

    Nunzio Newsroom features open standards and multiple integration paths to provide efficient cross-system operation. It includes multiple window frameworks, personal filters, personal searches and views, configurable keyboard shortcuts, toolbars, colours and fonts, configurable layouts, customizable print reports, web browser integration and hyperlink support.

    Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) is directly connected, and being an integral part of the rundown it includes all its capabilities, such as low resolution browsing. When a journalist inserts a placeholder for a video, a workflow starts. It triggers the new Asset creation, the request to NLE to create, the approval process, or a tapeless reception request for someone to download, if the video is received from outside. The rundown update follows and trasmission is immediately ready.

    End-To-End NewsRoom System

    Stories Editing

    Story templates are available to users for quick story creation and for accelerating story production. Etere rich text editor combines all elements (presenter,voiceover,mos, ecc.) of the story in one screen. Etere rich text editor prepares also the text for the prompter and keeps track of the real story duration comparied to the scheduled duration. The script handles commands for connected technologies and systems, including MOS objects and technical information.

    End-To-End NewsRoom System

    Wires Managment

    Nunzio Newsroom is the central collection point for incoming agency wires, which are immediately available for users. The system recognizes all standard agency formats (IPTC or NewsML) and it is capable of storing an infinite quantity of wires over a long period in the Etere database. Wires in multiple languages can be handled simultaneously

    End-To-End NewsRoom System

    Smooth Integration

    Nunzio Newsroom is a comprehensive Newsroom and it incorporates all the MOS technology of ETERE. Nunzio Newsroom can connect via MOS with any third party components, the rundown is connected in realtime with Etere Automation and Etere Media Asset Management (MAM).

    The migration process from a different Nunzio Newsroom is straightforward; Nunzio Newsroom can morph the shape of the GUI to match your favourite model, and the journalists will feel comfortable using similar GUI and commands. Media Enterprises will still have the powerful Etere Media Enterprise Resource Planning (MERP) database and Etere Media Asset Management.

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