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StoneFly will bundle its innovative virtual SAN software, SCVM™ and ESS™, with Fusion’s line of high performance flash-based ioMemory technology to provide a powerful value-centric, shareable storage solution.

Hayward, Calif. – March 30, 2011 — StoneFly, Inc., a leading manufacturer of integrated IP Storage Area Network (SAN) systems, today announces an original equipment manufacturing (OEM) agreement with Fusion-io, pioneer of a next-generation storage memory platform for shared data decentralization. Through the agreement, StoneFly’s innovative Virtual SAN Software Appliances, the SCVM™ and ESS™ for Windows will be bundled with Fusion’s line of high performance flash-based ioMemory products.

The primary goals of this new platform are to significantly extend system performance, provide for sharable, iSCSI connected storage, and give the ability to be provisioned as IP-SAN for internal quest VMs as well as outside hosts in virtual environments. This new, remarkably low latency 10GigE based platform also provides full end-to-end content protection and disaster recovery.

“We are committed to continue to provide high performance storage solutions to the market,” says Mo Tahmasebi, President and CEO of StoneFly. “Our work with Fusion-io enables us to provide customers with scalable and innovative storage solutions unlike anything out there in the market today.”

SCVM™ (“Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine”) and ESS™ (“Enterprise Storage Services”) create virtual IP SAN storage as a virtual machine (VM) in pre-existing or new server deployments —allowing full consolidation of your local and remote data center. To ensure superior performance and data protection, both applications are based on block-mode capacity and utilize StoneFly’s award-winning Hybrid Replication™—which includes synchronous mirroring within the data center, distributed campus, asynchronous mirroring (remote replication) between remote facilities, and cloud replication. Currently this virtual SAN solution is available for VMware and Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtual environments, and is productized as SCVM and ESS respectively.

The Fusion-io storage memory platform significantly improves the processing capabilities within a datacenter by relocating an organization’s most active data from centralized storage to the server where it is being processed, a methodology referred to as shared data decentralization. A single ioMemory module has the capacity of 100 memory DIMMs, and the IOPS performance of 1,000 disk drives, making it one of the industry’s most efficient and cost-effective solutions for processing large amounts of data very quickly. Fusion’s NAND flash-based ioMemory products can consolidate servers and eliminate expensive storage infrastructure to slash power and cooling expenses. The ioMemory modules are currently available in 160GB-1.28TB enterprise-grade storage capacities.

“Building innovative solutions with OEMs such as StoneFly will help our shared customers benefit from integrating ioMemory at every level of the enterprise, across the entire network,” said Jim Dawson, Executive Vice President of Sales for Fusion-io. “We are excited to work closely with StoneFly to accelerate their applications, consolidate workloads and savings on capital and operational expenditures, as well as enable virtualization and cloud computing for their customers.”

Integrating Fusion’s performance-driven ioMemory technology with StoneFly’s superior iSCSI and replication technologies will offer high performance I/O, near-zero latency, scalable bandwidth, and, most importantly, the ability to create a shareable storage network in both cloud and traditional data center environments.

“By marrying our SCVM™ or ESS™ software with Fusion’s cards, we provide customers with the possibility of creating a fully scalable, high availability, and high performance IP SAN storage system,” says Mo Tahmasebi. “We are very excited to introduce this first of its kind breakthrough product line.”

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