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The StoneFusion 6.4.2.x offers enhanced Encryption, Snapshot, and Replication features to create an even more robust IP Storage solution.

Hayward, Calif. – March 4, 2011 – StoneFly, Inc., the leading supplier and innovator of IP Storage Area Network (SAN) systems, has announced the new release of StoneFusion 6.4.2.x, the company’s award-winning Network Storage Platform (NSP). StoneFusion 6.4.2.x brings in an even more dynamic data archiving and back-up with robust encryption, snapshot, and replication elements to ensure complete data protection and back-up.

Key upgrades to the StoneFusion Storage Platform include:

• Encryption Accelerator With StoneFly’s patent-pending technology, this feature significantly boosts the performance of encrypted volumes on StoneFly IP SANs.
• VSS Snapshot & Replication Manager (VSSSRM). VSSSRM is an advanced agent that controls the VSS Snapshots and Replications to ensure data consistency when taking snapshots or initiating replication.
• Simplified Replication. The newest release of StoneFusion boasts even simpler asynchronous replication set ups with simpler user interface and management.

Ideal for enterprises that utilize encryption and replication, such as financial institutions and other high security organizations, the release of StoneFusion 6.4.2.x greatly accelerates the performance and usability of StoneFly IP SANs. By implementing the Encryption Accelerator feature, the new hardware Encryption Engine embedded into StoneFly’s appliances, and also optimizing storage at the code level, users can expect double the performance.

“Encrypted IP SANs are starting to become popular within the Financial and High-Security industries. This brought on the challenge of an ever demanding environment that requires higher performance. We embarked on a project to improve the encrypted volume performance on StoneFusion and I am glad to announce that we achieved our goals with the introduction of the Encryption Accelerator,” says Bahman Jalali (B.J.) the Director of Engineering & Product Management at StoneFly, Inc.

Other than the Encryption Accelerator, setting up asynchronous replication and snapshots is easier than ever before with the VSS Snapshot & Replication Manager. This application uses advanced Windows VSS technology to guarantee data consistency while implementing replication or snapshots of your data. The VSS Snapshot & Replication Manager provides a convenient and effortless management via its user-friendly interface and ability to schedule snapshot and replication initiatives.

StoneFusion 6.4.2.x comes standard as an integrated operating system in all new StoneFly IP SANs and is available effective immediately. For existing customers, please contact StoneFly Support at (510) 265-1616 for upgrade information.

For all other information about StoneFusion and StoneFly’s IP SAN products and features please or

About StoneFusion
StoneFusion was first introduced when StoneFly launched in 2000 as a pioneering provider of IP SANs. Since then, StoneFly has continued to build upon the software’s best-in-class capabilities, including its patented storage virtualization engine. Particularly, StoneFusion also offers StoneFly Reflection™ for local and campus mirroring, StoneFly Snapshot™ for fast, efficient data recovery, VSS Snapshot & Replication Manager, and Encryption Acceleration. The StoneFusion platform also has the capabilities for data migration, storage consolidation, access control, volume management, and provisioning to present SAN storage to hosts as local disks.

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