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This StoneCast podcast session was about enterprise data migration and StoneFly’s latest “StoneFly Migrate” data migration SaaS.
To understand data migration in general and a brief overview of StoneFly’s latest migration solution: StoneFly Migrate, with Mo Tahmasebi the CEO and Founder of StoneFly Inc. Mo has been directly involved in the product development and launch and we were excited to have him with us for this session.
We asked questions such as:
• What are the important factors related to enterprise data migration?
• What data types are supported by StoneFly Migrate? Can we migrate structured and unstructured data?
• What data services and features does StoneFly Migrate use to make sure that the data migration is secure and industry compliant such as HIPAA/HITRUST, FedRAMP, etc.?
• What kind of data migration paradigms and landing areas or storage tiers can StoneFly migrate support?
Mo provided in depth answers and shared numerous tips. We talked about data integrity, how important it is, and how StoneFly Migrate is built to ensure data integrity among several other features as well.
Besides data migration, StoneFly Migrate also offers a number of data services, such as snapshots, deduplication, replication, encryption, etc. that facilitates cost control, easy management, and optimized transfers.
Before concluding the podcast, we also talked about other options that StoneFly offer to move petabytes of data within days instead of months.
For more information, visit the product page we have for StoneFly Migrate:
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