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Dental Clinic Gets Affordable Ransomware Protection with StoneFly

The dental clinic was concerned about the increasing ransomware
attacks on healthcare service providers and wanted a data protection solution that helped protect confidential patient data
from ransomware and hackers – and helped with HIPAA compliance.

StoneFly miniBackup V-Series – “Plug and Play” backup and recovery appliance powered by
Veeam, with terabytes of storage, and cloud support.

  • Turnkey appliance with unified storage and backup and recovery.
  • Reliable ransomware
    protection with support for immutable backups.
  • Reduced Recovery Time
    Objectives (RTOs) with the
    option to restore to cloud
  • Highly secure HIPAA compliant data protection using backup
    strategies such as 3-2-1.


The client is a small dental clinic in the US.


Dental & Healthcare


As a medical service provider, the dental clinic is expected to store and protect confidential information about their clients such as medical records, and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – which also subjects them to data protection regulations such as HIPAA. In order to provide reliable and trustworthy services to their clients, the dental clinic needed solution that provided the needed storage capacity with the ability to protect it from malicious actors such as ransomware attacks and hackers.

In addition to storage and data protection, as a medical service provider, the dental clinic also needed a way to archive and store the patient information for years – and do it affordably.

Furthermore, due to the small-scale of their operations, the clinic had a limited budget and were looking for a consolidated solution that could be managed without in-depth technical knowledge.

“We needed an IT solution that could store and potentially archive large volumes of patient information for longer periods of time, protect it from ransomware, hackers, and virus, scale when we needed it to – and do all of that within our budget”, said Tony, the IT manager for the dental clinic.


After reviewing the requirements of the dental clinic, StoneFly experts suggested the StoneFly miniBackup™ V-series appliance.

The miniBackup is an affordable, plug and play backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) appliance pre-configured with the enterprise Veeam backup software. It offers customizable terabytes of on-premises storage and integrated cloud storage for offsite data archiving and retention.

In addition to the ability to store terabytes of data on-premises on high performance fault-tolerant enterprise storage drives and virtually unlimited data in the cloud of their choice including Azure, AWS, and StoneFly Private cloud.

Furthermore, the dental clinic can expand the on-premises storage capacity by adding JBODs – which also allows them to set up round robin backups adding an extra data protection layer to the system.

“StoneFly miniBackup was the all-in-one affordable solution we were looking for. With this solution, we can store our patient data, backup all our devices, and archive in the cloud – and manage it all easily”, said Tony.

The Results

Consolidated Fault-Tolerant Storage and Backup and Recovery

The miniBackup appliance supports 2x storage drives and RAID. RAID allows the clinic to improve performance and continue operations even if one drive fails.

In addition to storage, the miniBackup V-Series also comes preconfigured with Veeam backup software – which enables the clinic to backup all their devices and restore quickly in the event of a disaster.

With the unified storage and data protection capabilities of the miniBackup appliance, the clinic can simplify their IT system, and focus on patient healthcare.

Reliable Ransomware Protection

With built-in ransomware protection features the dental clinic is able to secure their confidential patient information from ransomware and hackers effortlessly. AI-based ransomware protection and removal of ransomware makes sure that no malware lays dormant and no files are encrypted.

With Veeam backup software, the clinic can protect their devices and applications effectively and store backups in highly secure and immutable storage repositories – on-premises and/or in the cloud of their choice.

Faster Data Recovery and Business Continuity

With the ability to store hot tier backups locally, the dental clinic is now able to restore their mission-critical data and workloads in a matter of minutes with shorter Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

Furthermore, in the event of a disaster, the dental clinic can directly and quickly restore to the cloud which aids in quicker restores – even if the primary device is offline or unavailable. As a result, the dental clinic can restore data quickly and continue operations with minimized downtime – ensuring business continuity.

HIPAA Compliance

With Veeam features such as image-based replication, immutable WORM, snapshots, and the fault-tolerant on-premises storage, and cloud support the clinic is able to set up effective data backup strategies such as the 3-2-1.

This allows the clinic to protect the patient information throughout its lifecycle and be HIPAA compliant.

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Dental Clinic Gets Affordable Ransomware Protection with StoneFly

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