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Navigating Data Security: Container Leasing Firm Charts a Solid Backup Course


Slow backup speeds, laborious manual administration, and logistical complexities across global locations, impeding their ability to ensure efficient data protection.


Implemented Veeam-ready backup and DR appliance with parallel data movers for accelerated backups, automated administration, advanced deduplication, and seamless Veeam integration, ensuring efficient data protection.

  • Faster backups with reduced backup windows
  • Simplified administration through automation
  • Improved storage efficiency with advanced deduplication
  • Seamless integration with Veeam for efficient backup and restore operations
  • Scalability and flexibility to accommodate growing data volumes


The customer is a global container leasing company, serving major shipping lines worldwide, with a diverse fleet of intermodal freight containers.


Logistics and Shipping


The customer encountered significant challenges in their backup processes that impeded their ability to ensure efficient and reliable data protection. One of the key issues was the slow backup speeds they experienced, which resulted in extended backup windows and potential delays in data recovery. The manual administration of backups added to the complexity, requiring dedicated resources to manage the process and increasing the risk of errors.

Moreover, the customer’s geographically dispersed operations presented logistical complexities, as regional backup operators had to ensure the availability of tapes in servers across different locations, creating coordination challenges and potentially compromising backup reliability. These challenges not only impacted the efficiency and effectiveness of their data protection strategy but also increased the vulnerability to data loss and potential disruptions.

“We faced significant backup challenges, including slow speeds, manual processes, and complex logistics. Overcoming these hurdles was crucial for ensuring the security and availability of our critical data.” – Mark Johnson, IT Director

The customer recognized the need for a more streamlined and automated backup solution to overcome these challenges and enhance their data protection capabilities.


To overcome these challenges, the customer chose the DR365V Veeam-ready backup and disaster recovery appliance, a powerful and comprehensive solution tailored to their specific needs.

The DR365V appliance offered advanced features such as support for NVMe/SSDs/SAS drives, allowing for high-performance backup and storage capabilities. Additionally, the appliance supported automated storage tiering, enabling efficient data placement and optimization based on usage patterns. This helped streamline the backup process and enhance overall performance.

To further accelerate backups, the DR365V solution enabled the deployment of virtually unlimited NAS-based data movers, which could run in parallel. This parallel processing significantly improved backup speeds, ensuring data was protected within the designated backup windows.

The Results

With the implementation of DR365V, the customer achieved significant improvements in their backup processes, realizing the following results:

Accelerated Backup Performance: The DR365V appliance, coupled with the deployment of parallel data movers, enabled accelerated backup speeds. Backups were completed within shorter time frames, reducing backup windows and ensuring timely protection of container leasing data.

Streamlined Administration: Manual backup tasks were automated, simplifying the overall administration process. This automation freed up IT resources, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives and reducing the administrative burden.

Enhanced Data Deduplication and Storage Efficiency: DR365V’s advanced deduplication capabilities optimized storage utilization and reduced the amount of data transferred during backups. This resulted in improved storage efficiency and optimized backup performance.

Seamless Integration with Veeam: The DR365V appliance is seamlessly integrated with Veeam, ensuring smooth and efficient backup and restore operations. This integration provided a cohesive and comprehensive backup solution for the customer’s container leasing environment.

Scalability and Flexibility: The scalable architecture of DR365V allowed for easy expansion as data volumes grew over time. The solution provided the flexibility to accommodate increasing backup demands, ensuring long-term viability and scalability.

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Navigating Data Security: Container Leasing Firm Charts a Solid Backup Course

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