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How Media Organizations Can Protect Themselves from Ransomware Attacks

Cybercrime is out of control. It’s everywhere. We hear about it every single day. It is effecting nations to the maximum. Cyber criminals are evolving with time. Mainly cyber-attacks come from well-organized underground networks.

They combine tools, data and expertise to attack networks, computer systems or internet-enabled devices or applications. None of the industries are safe from cyber-attacks. There are many types of cyber-attacks but Ransomware is on an explosion causing threat to businesses worldwide. There is an annual loss of more than 525 million US dollars. As the cyber-criminals are getting more effectual, the threat to data is increasing as well. The cybercrime is effecting all types of industries worldwide.

Cybercrime Case study of media industry

In media industry cyber-crime was reported in the year 2014 when Sony picture’s hack occurred. The attackers stole confidential data and posted it online which effected the reputation of the organization.

BadRabbit; Ransomware attack on media industry

A ransomware attack BadRabbit was reported on October 2017 by Russian media outlet Interfax. The decryption cost (ransom demand) is about $283 based on the current Bitcoin exchange rate.

Bad Rabbit is based on NonPetya or expert code, but it is densely reworked. It also contained parts of other Ransomware. For example, approaches used in HDDCryptor. They also signed the code with fake Symantec security certificate. Another feature of this malicious software was the ability to collect your passwords on the infected computers and download additional malicious modules.

Bad Rabbit relied on a really old malware approach of tricking users into installing a fake Adobe Flash update. This approach still works which indicates that cybersecurity awareness is still surprisingly low. Without proper security and data protection measures, the risk of falling victim to bad rabbit ransomware remains high.

If you wish to read more about BadRabbit, we wrote about it when the outbreak occurred: Bad Rabbit: A New Ransomware Attack Hits USA and Europe

The data security needs of a media industry are similar to the other industries. It contains complex data. Media is the medium to entertain people and it is essential to expose culprit people as well. They have the data which is wanted by people who are culprits like financial, political and criminal data. This type of data is vulnerable to attacks. An efficient backup and disaster recovery solution is the key to obtain protection from ransomware.

DR365: Creating a Ransomware free environment

StoneFly™ helps the media and entertainment industry to secure their data against data breaches.  StoneFly™ offers disaster recovery solutions for all your servers, Storages and backup systems in a single box. With StoneFly you can move your structured and unstructured data to StoneFly™ hybrid clouds. It enables you to leverage the elasticity and access of cloud while keeping certain workload on-premise. StoneFly’s DR365™ online backup solution automates backup processes for secure and up to date copy of your datacenter, perfect for media industry companies that use cloud Storage to save confidential data.

  • Active Protection from Ransomware

With its enterprise-level software, DR365™ provides active protection from ransomware. The backup engine’s proactive security technology protects data from ransomware attacks by detecting and blocking suspicious changes to data, backup files and the backup agent.

  • Advanced Data Security Services

The appliances come with multi-level authentication for repository protection and immutable 64 system images to efficiently deliver enterprise level data security from ransomware.

  • 256-bit Encryption

Data is secured at rest and in transit by AES-256 bit encryption while secure data transmission is delivered by incorporating SSL encryption.

  • Data Backup on Multiple Locations

Each backup appliance delivers cloud connect backup and replication of backups and VM replicas to your choice of private and public cloud. Due to these cloud connect services, StoneFly’s appliances aren’t just on-premises appliances; they’re complete hybrid backup solutions.

  • Restore Data within seconds

StoneFly’s backup appliances deliver RTOs (Recovery Time Objectives) of 15 seconds or less by starting your backup directly from storage. Media and entertainment organizations can reduce downtime and recover from ransomware attacks within minutes with services like Full and Instant Virtual Machine (VM) recovery.

  • Backup and Recovery

Protect your entire infrastructure with complete disk imaging backup and bare metal recovery of your database. Reduce RTOs with granular recovery of databases, table spaces and logs.

  • Blockchain Technology For Maximum Data Security

DR365 delivers blockchain technology which improves regulatory compliance, establishes validity of recovery, and ensures the authenticity and integrity of backups.

Available Configurations for efficient backup and disaster recovery:

Different media organizations have different requirements for their mission critical data and applications. StoneFly DR365 has you covered. We have 3 major configurations which can be acquired according to your requirements.

DR Site in a Box (single Node)

The single node configuration provides total enterprise backup solution in a single box. It is a fully optimized and purpose built backup and disaster recovery appliance.

HA Appliance Node

The high availability (HA) configuration fits perfectly in environments that rely on mission critical data. The HA backup appliance configuration utilizes two active-active head controllers plus dual active-active RAID controllers and two management engines. In case of a hardware failure, data is failed over in seconds and there is no single point of failure.

Scale Out Appliance Node

The scale-out configuration for StoneFly’s backup and disaster recovery appliance starts with three nodes. These nodes can be scaled out as required. Adding a node increases capacity and performance.

With the DR365, don’t fret and never pay ransom to recover your data from Ransomware

Through a strong backup solution, you can acquire protection against a ransomware attack. StoneFly’s DR365 is a complete Data center Backup solution appliance for all physical and virtual servers. StoneFly’s DR365 users do not have to worry if they are hit by a Ransomware attack, as their data is secured in multiple locations and Ransomware does not have access to the data. The StoneFly DR365 is the only data center backup appliance that comes with automated offsite Backup connection to Amazon AWS Cloud and Microsoft Azure Cloud. The StoneFly DR365 uses Storage Concentrator Virtual machine (SCVM) to provide server and storage consolidation, data protection and disaster recovery into a single platform.



You can learn more about how you can make IT environments Ransomware-proof with DR365™

StoneFly DR365™ backup and DR appliance not only makes Media organizations free from ransomware but it also effectively addresses the challenges of other industries like Fintech, health care and law firm.

Do you want to protect your enterprise workload with DR365™? Give us a call at (510) 265 1616 or send us an email at

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