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Erasure Coding: An Innovative Method of Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

The available technologies for data protection and disaster recovery are rapidly developing. The key to success lies in understanding the importance of storage options available to you. As an organization, you have to build a strategy that maximizes both flexibility and control. Means of data protection and disaster recovery are constantly changing in response to the growth in data; organizations are looking into options which cater to their needs of faster recovery.

Erasure coding is an up and coming way of protecting data from various losses due to natural or manmade disasters. It is a highly viable new way of data recovery which involves the reconstruction of data. Organizations are looking at storage options including this innovative technology as it provides great levels of data protection and disaster recovery.

This whitepaper provides valuable information about:

  • Data protection and disaster recovery using Erasure Coding.
  • Differences between traditional storage methods and Erasure Coding.
  • Benefits, uses and prospects of Erasure Coding.
  • Scale-Out NAS storage and Erasure Coding.

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