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Demonstration of OMS and Azure Security Center

Do you have a centralized view that provides insights into malicious traffic attacks, identity and access data, and security update statuses? Or are you juggling multiple tools to keep tabs on various aspects of your organization’s security? Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite (OMS) brings you the benefits of a comprehensive security dashboard, streamlining your monitoring and response process.

Unleash the Potential of OMS

Discover how Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite (OMS) offers you a centralized, intelligent platform for managing and securing your organization’s cloud services. Through an insightful demo, we’ll guide you through the robust capabilities OMS provides.

What You’ll Experience:

  • Unified Security Insights: Gain a consolidated view of your organization’s security posture, including assessments and analyses tailored for cloud services.

  • Threat Detection and Prevention: Uncover and address potential threats, such as brute force attacks and malicious file executions, with OMS’s powerful capabilities.

  • Intelligent Diagnostics: Learn how OMS intelligently diagnoses and assesses your environment, identifying malware, update statuses, network security, IP addresses, and threat intelligence.

Secure Your Future with OMS

Take a deep dive into Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite (OMS) and discover how this powerful platform can fortify your organization’s security. Stay one step ahead in understanding and managing your cloud services.

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