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Change Block Tracking (CBT)

Change Block Tracking (CBT) is a game-changing technology that revolutionizes the way we manage data storage. It involves creating a record or journal of altered blocks within a storage object due to I/O operations. A storage object encompasses any logically contiguous space utilized for data storage.

A Leap Towards Efficiency

CBT does not monitor the actual data content written; instead, it meticulously logs the specific areas of the object that have been written to. This tracking mechanism holds immense potential for various applications, with a primary focus on backup and restore processes. Understanding which blocks within an object have undergone changes during a specific timeframe is invaluable.

Unveiling the Power of Change Block Tracking (CBT)

Our whitepaper provides a comprehensive exploration of Change Block Tracking (CBT), offering insights into its mechanism, applications, and potential advantages for your data storage strategy.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understanding CBT: Delve into the core concepts of Change Block Tracking and how it records alterations within storage objects.

  • Applications and Use Cases: Explore the versatile applications of CBT, with a primary focus on its role in efficient backup and restoration.

  • Efficiency and Optimization: Learn how CBT enhances data storage efficiency by identifying changed blocks, enabling optimal utilization of resources.

Optimize Your Data Management with CBT

Download our whitepaper to gain a deep understanding of Change Block Tracking (CBT) and how it can drive efficiency in your data storage processes. Explore the potential benefits and unlock a new level of data management.

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