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Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

The Essential Guide

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE

The available technologies for disaster recovery (DR) and data protection (DP) are rapidly developing. It is of a paramount importance to understand your storage options, so you can build a strategy that maximizes both flexibility and control.
Means of disaster recovery and data protection (DR / DP) for the enterprise are constantly changing in response to growing data volumes, faster recovery needs and rising business demands. IT teams must make smart choices to take advantage of the latest innovations and ensure they can keep their businesses online all the time.
Contrary to the old more or less passive role, today’s Storage Systems are becoming key players in DR / DP practices. If you’re in the market for new storage, paying attention to a few key factors will help you address your DR / DP challenges.
Any storage solution you choose must include replication, snapshot and cloning. Compression and inline deduplication are also crucial in helping you conserve both network bandwidth and storage capacity. These technologies must operate at the right granularity to enhance efficiency and control DR / DP costs.

This White Paper will help you understand the storage features that are crucial to modern DR / DP practices and provides guidelines on what to look for in a DR / DP storage solution

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