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100TB Fully Air Gapped & Immutable NAS Appliance for $8,995
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100TB Fully Air Gapped & Immutable NAS Appliance for $8,995

Highly scalable, fault-tolerant, ransomware-proof NAS With air-gapped and immutable Storage lockdown, file lockdown, snapshots, replication, and tons of integrated data services.

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    100TB Fully Air Gapped & Immutable NAS Appliance for $8,995
    Ransomware Protection
    100TB Fully Air Gapped & Immutable NAS Appliance for $8,995
    Cyber-Insurance Requirements
    100TB Fully Air Gapped & Immutable NAS Appliance for $8,995
    Storage Optimziation Features
    NAS Appliance Hardware Specifications

    8-bay 2U rackmount

    data storage capacity
    Storage Capacity

    7x14TB Enterprise SAS Drives (100TB)

    Storage Virtualization Engine

    8-core Storage Virtualization Engine

    system memory
    System Memory

    32GB High Speed Dual-Channel System Memory with Buffered Error Checking and Correction

    Hardware RAID
    RAID Controller

    High-Performance 12Gb SAS Hardware RAID Controller , Supports RAID Levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and 60, Supports up to 240 Total Drives via EBODs

    NVMe SSD
    PCI-E Based NVMe SSD for OS and Hypervisor

    512GB PCI-E Based NVMe SSD for Virtualization and Storage Engine

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    Looking to custom-build your backup and DR solution?

    We offer entry-level 4-bay to 60-bay customizable Veeam-ready backup and DR appliances for organizations already using Veeam or looking to set up a new Veeam backup and DR solution.

    Always On-Air™ Gapped
    Isolated storage for your Veeam Backups

    Store your Veeam backups, snapshots, and replicas in isolated air-gapped volumes to protect your critical workloads from ransomware, malware, virus, malicious deletion, and other similar threats.

    StoneFly NAS air-gapped volumes come with automated network management ensuring that even if your primary production copy is compromised, you still have a way to recover your critical workloads.

    Air-gapped volumes in SSO NAS can be set up in the following ways:

    1. Air-gapped repositories
    2. Air-gapped controllers
    100TB Fully Air Gapped & Immutable NAS Appliance for $8,995
    Air-Gap Repositories

    One air-gap controller with access to two target repositories with one network-facing and the second isolated detached air-gap volume.

    100TB Fully Air Gapped & Immutable NAS Appliance for $8,995
    Air-Gap Controller

    Two air-gap controllers & target repositories with one controller and repository network-facing and accessible and the other controller & repository isolated, detached, and air-gapped.

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    Need more information about Air-Gapped Backups?
    What are air-gapped backups?

    Explore air-gapping, its advantages, how it protects your data from ransomware and learn why it’s a necessary ransomware-protection feature.

    Backups Aren't Enough - Here's why you need Air-gapping and immutability

    Learn why backups alone aren't enough to protect your critical data from ransomware. For effective ransomware protection, air-gapping and immutability are a must.

    How to Add Air-gapping and Immutability to your Veeam Backup Appliance

    If your Veeam backups are accessible via the production network, then even with Veeam's enterprise features your data is vulnerable to ransomware.

    Integrated Ransomware Protection Features

    The following features are included in the StoneFly DR365V in addition to the Veeam backup, restore, and replication features:

    100TB Fully Air Gapped & Immutable NAS Appliance for $8,995
    Immutable Storage

    Store your backup data in secure Write-Once Read-Many repositories using S3 object lockdown and file lockdown

    100TB Fully Air Gapped & Immutable NAS Appliance for $8,995
    Immutable Snapshots

    Set up immutable delta-based snapshots for your critical backup data

    100TB Fully Air Gapped & Immutable NAS Appliance for $8,995

    Protect your NAS & S3 data with AI-based automated ransomware detection & removal

    100TB Fully Air Gapped & Immutable NAS Appliance for $8,995

    Enable multi-site real-time replication or schedule replication jobs

    100TB Fully Air Gapped & Immutable NAS Appliance for $8,995
    Deduplication (optional)

    Reduce your backup data size, consume less storage space, & save money

    100TB Fully Air Gapped & Immutable NAS Appliance for $8,995

    Keep your backups safe from hackers & data breach with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption

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    Learn more about the ransomware protection features
    Hospital Becomes Immune to Ransomware with StoneFly and Veeam
    The hospital wanted a backup and DR solution that protected confidential patient information and medical records from cyber-threats and, in the event of a ransomware attack, enabled them to restore critical systems with minimum downtime.
    “Ransomware encrypted our entire production environment, including backups. After making sure that we had removed the malware, we were able to quickly spin up our critical VMs and restore our data using the Veeam backups stored in air-gapped volumes. We didn’t lose anything”
    Jeremy - Senior IT Support
    Food and Beverage Company
    Food & Beverage Company Improves BCDR with Air-Gapped Nodes
    The food and beverage company wanted to make sure that their critical systems remained operational even in the event of a ransomware attack. When their IT staff realized that their legacy backup wouldn’t be able to do that, they reached out to StoneFly.
    “We moved from an unreliable legacy backup to an automated ransomware-proof solution that provides air-gapped backups and immutability – all within our budget. We now have a backup and DR (BCDR) strategy that ensures availability and guarantees recoverability”
    Dan - IT Manager
    Engineering Manufacturer
    StoneFly DR365V Protects Engineering Manufacturer from Ransomware
    The engineering company was looking for a reliable ransomware protection that can protect their large-scale VMware environment and multiple locations and ensure business continuity seamlessly.
    “What stood out to us was the air-gapped and immutable storage capabilities in addition to the Veeam backup support. And the fact that we could custom-build it to our needs within our budget made it the obvious choice”
    Data Center Administrator

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