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Mo Tahmasebi, CEO of StoneFly Inc, announced this Monday that the leading data storage, data migration, and backup and disaster recovery company will be opening new European corporate offices in London, UK.  

The new location will be the company’s fifth space outside of its Silicon Valley headquarters and join the company’s growing number of offices outside of the United States. Despite already having offices in Europe, StoneFly believes that this additional presence in London will ensure continuous high quality service to UK based clients regardless of political trends.

UK exits, StoneFly Enters: StoneFly inc, Opens New Office in London

StoneFly prides itself on the strong relationships it has built with UK organizations over the past decade. We believe that opening corporate offices in London will give our valued partners greater assurance against Brexit-related uncertainty.” said Mo during a keynote at the office launch celebration. “Our innovative storage and backup and disaster recovery solutions have always been warmly embraced in the British market and we look forward to deepening those ties over the next year. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce our new offices in the global financial capital of the world, a city that is rife with technological innovation.”  

StoneFly has long been recognized as a pioneer in the data storage industry. The company has built a solid reputation for its data storage expertise and is widely known for being the first innovator of the iSCSI storage protocol. Since its inception, StoneFly has built reliable and cutting edge data storage, backup and disaster recovery solutions for thousands of companies and government agencies around the world. Expanding to the UK will enable StoneFly to take advantage of London’s highly skilled workforce, established financial ecosystem, and proximity to impressive research institutions. StoneFly’s newly renovated offices are located in the prestigious St. James’s district and just a stone throw away from premier research institutions and government buildings.  

“We are excited to add London to our list of international locations and are looking forward to working closely with our partners across the pond.”

About StoneFly, Inc.

StoneFly, Inc., headquartered in California, was founded to deliver upon the vision of simple and affordable storage optimization and disaster recovery protection through IP SAN solutions. StoneFly is a leading manufacturer of high-performance Network Attached Storage (NAS), Storage Area Networks (SAN) – iSCSI systems, Hyperconverged systems, and RAID systems.

StoneFly’s range of enterprise products also includes cloud storage solutions, cloud storage gateway solutions, and data migration services for enterprise workloads.

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