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Enhance Data Resilience with StoneFly’s Smart Protect Services for Backup and DR

Hayward, California – August , 2023 – StoneFly (, the pioneering innovator of storage, hyperconverged, backup and disaster recovery, and cloud solutions introduces Smart Protect Services. Designed to revolutionize backup and disaster recovery (DR) management, Smart Protect offers remote professional services that streamline planning, testing, configuration, monitoring, and optimization for servers, backup and DR systems, mobile workforce, virtual environments, and cloud workloads.

The Need for Expert Backup and Disaster Recovery Management

Ensuring the security and integrity of critical data demands dedicated IT staff, continuous monitoring, and rigorous testing—expenses that can be overwhelming in terms of time, resources, and financial investment.

Without the right expertise and tools, data remains vulnerable to ransomware attacks, exposing businesses to significant risks, including regulatory consequences. In response to these challenges, StoneFly introduces Smart Protect Services, offering businesses a hassle-free and cost-effective solution to achieve reliable data protection.

The Benefits of Smart Protect Services

Smart Protect delivers remote management and professional services that alleviate the burdens of backup and disaster recovery management. StoneFly’s team of experts collaborates with businesses to:

  • Plan: Tailored data protection strategies are developed to suit the unique needs and requirements of each business, ensuring comprehensive protection against data loss.
  • Configure: StoneFly’s experts skillfully set up backup and disaster recovery systems, optimizing performance and ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure.
  • Test: Rigorous testing procedures are employed to verify the effectiveness of backup and DR systems using Sandbox environments, minimizing potential downtime in the event of data restoration.
  • Upgrade: Update and upgrade based on critical security advisories and new operational features.
  • Manage and Monitor: StoneFly provides ongoing management and monitoring of backup and DR operations, proactively identifying and addressing any issues to maintain data resilience.
  • Optimize: Continuous optimization efforts are undertaken to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of backup and DR systems, adapting to evolving business needs.

“We understand the challenges businesses face in managing backup and disaster recovery effectively. With Smart Protect Services, StoneFly aims to empower organizations with expert remote assistance, allowing them to focus on their core competencies while ensuring the highest level of data protection,” said John Harris, Director Technical Sales at StoneFly, Inc.


Smart Protect Services are now available to businesses seeking to enhance their backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

StoneFly offers three management options for Smart Protect: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

For more information on how Smart Protect Services can safeguard your data and streamline backup and DR management, visit:

For demos and inquiries, contact StoneFly sales at or call +1 510 265-1616.

About StoneFly, Inc.

StoneFly, Inc., headquartered in Hayward, California, is a leading provider of storage, hyperconverged, backup and disaster recovery, and cloud solutions. With a history of innovation and commitment to data protection, ransomware protection, and data security StoneFly delivers cutting-edge enterprise solutions to organizations worldwide.

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