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Air-Gapped and Immutable S3 Object Storage for Veeam/Rubrik/Commvault/Veritas

Hayward, California –August, 2023 – StoneFly (, the pioneering innovator in storage, hyperconverged, backup and disaster recovery, and cloud solutions, has introduced ransomware-proof air-gapped and immutable S3 object storage feature in on-premises/virtual appliances, and in the cloud for enterprise hypervisors, and backup applications such as Veeam, Rubrik, Commvault, Veritas, among others.  

As the sole provider offering this unparalleled capability in the market, StoneFly redefines ransomware protection by combining the strength of both immutability and air-gapped technology in a single, robust solution.

On-Premises, Virtual, and Cloud Air-Gapped and Immutable Object Storage

With StoneFly’s patented 8th generation storage operating system and virtualization engine, StoneFusion™ and SCVM ™, the air-gapped and immutable S3 object storage can be set up as:

  • On-Premises/Local Air-Gapped and Immutable Storage Appliance – Purpose-built air-gapped and immutable node built for ransomware-proof backup, storage, and archiving. The appliance is ideal for organizations that need to retain local copies for compliance. Moreover, the appliance also delivers faster read/writes than cloud object storage because it is not limited by the network or bandwidth.
  • Virtual Air-Gapped and Immutable S3 Object Storage Appliance – Repurpose unused/idle storage in your virtual environments running enterprise hypervisors such as VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, or Citrix (XenServer) to set up air-gapped and immutable S3 object storage. This adds an isolated and unchangeable repository to a virtual environment without having to add and manage additional hardware.
  • Air-Gapped and Immutable S3 Object Cloud Storage – Set up air-gapped and immutable object storage in public clouds, such as Azure and AWS, StoneFly private cloud, or any other S3 compatible cloud. This is ideal for organizations that need to store and archive critical data offsite in a secure, ransomware-proof cloud for compliance.

Secure and Ransomware-Proof Storage for Backups, Snapshots, and Critical Data

With the air-gapped and immutable S3 object storage, organizations can set up automated policy-based isolation for an on-premises appliance, virtual repository/controller, or an integrated cloud repository. This enables users to effectively protect critical backups, snapshots, and sensitive information, such as PHI, PII, from ransomware attacks, malware, viruses, and hackers.

Air-gapping isolates the repository, appliance, controller(s) from the production network while immutability ensures that the data cannot be modified, deleted, or overwritten. The combination of both these technologies deliver a bullet-proof protection measure against ransomware attacks.


StoneFly’s Immutable and Air-Gapped S3 Object Storage is now available as part of the company’s comprehensive suite of data protection solutions.

For demos and inquiries, contact StoneFly sales at or call +1 510 265-1616.

About StoneFly, Inc.

StoneFly, Inc., headquartered in Hayward, California, is a leading provider of storage, hyperconverged, backup and disaster recovery, and cloud solutions. With a history of innovation and commitment to data protection, ransomware protection, and data security StoneFly delivers cutting-edge enterprise solutions to organizations worldwide.


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