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In this podcast, we sat down with Mo Tahmasebi, the CEO and Founder of StoneFly Inc., and asked him a few questions about enterprise cloud.
We asked Mo about the best way to use cloud technology in an enterprise environment. As an industry expert, Mo shared his thoughts on the best role cloud technology can play for an enterprise and he shared some tips to help enterprises use it to its fullest potential.
A common challenge for enterprise IT environments is the choice of a vendor. That was our next question to Mo. He shared a number of helpful pointers for decision makers.
What should they look for in a cloud solution?
What should be the characteristics of the right cloud vendor?
What kind of options are a must-have for enterprise IT environments?
He answered these questions.
And we concluded the podcast with the final question: the difference between private and public clouds in the context of the best use-case Mo mentioned.
StoneFly Inc. offers a private cloud, and cloud gateway technology that facilitates public cloud (Azure, AWS, S3 compatible clouds) integration.
Mo shared his experience and advice about both cloud types and the distinguishing difference between the two.
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