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For manufacturing companies to remain competitive in a global company, fast and efficient collaboration across sites is needed. Applications such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks and other CAD applications need to work across sites as they do in a single workplace. While most companies use PDM (Product Data Management) solutions to manage CAD files, they struggle with slow file access issues over WAN and their associated CAD file replications.

StoneFly™ provides a better way. With StoneFly, your distributed PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and CAD teams can work together just as if they are on the same room. Advantages of the StoneFly™ solution include:

  • Speed-up Cross-workplace Collaboration
  • Unite professionals to work together on projects
  • Data Integrity
  • Optimize Applications Usage
  • Infrastructure Cost Reductions

Speed-up Cross-office Collaboration

Manufacturing files of the same project comprise of hundreds or thousands of files requiring thousands of intra-system transactions such as, opens, closes, locks, unlocks and lookups. Normal file operation roundtrip times between office branches and datacenter take minutes if not hours. The farther the workplace, the more the time.

With stonefly™ scale out NAS, customers can scale out data of petabytes in size across thousands of manufacturing sites and workplaces. This enables the latest CAD files and applications to be shared instantly across office sites. All your manufacturing sites are up to date with the most recent data from offsite offices allowing company sites, departments and cross world branches to be synchronized and up to date with the latest piece of information.

Unite professionals to work together on projects

Skilled professionals working on the same project are often geographically distributed across different offices.

StoneFly™ provides enterprise “Manpower virtualization” enabling manufacturing companies to tap into their employees anywhere around the world. Rather than relying on single-location human-resources or relocating your professionals between different office branches, StoneFly allows you to optimize expertise usage.

Data Integrity

With StoneFly™, manufacturing teams working on AutoCAD, SolidWorks and other CAD applications stay secure from corruption and data loss issues while insuring data integrity at the same time. StoneFly™ offers disaster recovery and data redundancy with multiple user choices. Datacenter’s data is replicated several times depending on customer’s choice to provide instant disaster recovery and no downtime or loss of access to storage.

Optimize Applications Usage

StoneFly™ enhances the cross-workplace performance of AutoCAD, SolidWorks and other CAD applications. StoneFly™ acts as a global file management system for an enterprises different files and applications, including cross-workplace multi-user spreadsheets.

Infrastructure Cost Reductions

Shifting your structured and unstructured data to StoneFly™ clouds eliminates the need for pricey file servers, tape backups and tape infrastructure. Simultaneously, companies get access to unlimited storage while having real-time file access to their storage. Optional deduplication technology for data optimization is offered. The technology allows users to fit up to 137x more data within the same storage capacity with the least impacts to system performance.

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