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Become a

Managed Service Provider

Storage as a Service (STaaS)

Offer file, block, and S3 physical/virtual storage using an 8th gen patented storage OS (StoneFusion™).

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Provide data protection from ransomware, human error, & natural disasters for the mission-critical workloads of your customers

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Help your customers reduce business downtime and recover from disasters with near-zero recovery times.

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    Managed IT Services Providers - Simplified MSP Services

    Businesses large and small need affordable data storage.

    We provide you a tool to offer secure and scalable storage using your idle storage infrastructure.


    Managed IT Services Providers - Simplified MSP Services


    Get better profit margins with each sale. Grow your business with enterprise products by offering value to your customers.
    premium support


    StoneFly technical support is available 24/7. Connect with an expert on the same day. No long waiting queues or frustrating delays for you or your customers.

    turnkey hyper converged infrastructure


    Build customized storage and backup and DR solutions as per your customers’ needs and budget.

    Storage as a Service (STaaS)

    Get storage virtualization, data services, & management with one software

    Local & Cloud Storage

    Repurpose commodity hardware, use bare metal servers, or set up file, block, object, or unified storage in the cloud.

    Integrated Data Services

    Leverage data protection, storage optimization, and real-time monitoring capabilities with an easy-to-use interface.

    file storage

    NAS (File)

    Unstructured data storage: images, videos, IoT, analytics, PACS, etc.

    local target storage

    S3 (Object)

    Highly scalable local or cloud object storage S3-compatible applications.

    SQL Server Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

    SAN (Block)

    Structured data storage: databases, applications, etc.

    premium support

    Unified Storage

    Consolidated storage for all business workloads.

    Managed IT Services Providers - Simplified MSP Services

    Data protection is essential.

    Ransomware are a real threat.

    Offer enterprise data protection to your customers with StoneFly CDR365.

    Backup as a Service (BaaS)

    Offer cloud backups to thousands of customers. Manage everything with a single interface.

    What can you backup
    backup your server

    Automated Backups

    Automate repetitive backup jobs

    backup your server

    Centralized Management

    Manage all backup and restore jobs from single interface.

    backup disaster recovery cloud

    Quick Restore

    Quickly restore data for your clients with a few clicks.

    backup your server


    Rebrand the software and sell BaaS with your brand.

    Managed IT Services Providers - Simplified MSP Services

    Downtime is bad for your customers.

    Offer cloud disaster recovery, so that your customers can restore operations in minutes.


    Help your customers ensure business continuity with cloud disaster recovery. Automate regular replication and snapshots and use them to restore data quickly in the event of a disaster.

    With our tools, managed IT service providers can offer effective ransomware protection to healthcare, legal, government departments, and small businesses.

    turnkey hyper converged infrastructure


    Quickly recover data for your customers. Reduce downtime from ransomware attacks, human error, and natural disasters.

    turnkey hyper converged infrastructure


    If the primary production environment of your customer fails, restore data to the cloud to give them quick access.

    StoneFly Products for MSPs

    You can get two software, rebrand them as your product, and offer STaaS or BaaS and DRaaS to thousands of customers.

    StoneFusion MSP

    StoneFusion MSP allows you to virtualize your storage and offer multi-tenant cloud-based file, block, and object storage to your customers.

    StoneFly CDR365

    Set up backups for employees working from home, remote physical/virtual servers, and databases. Manage everything with a single interface.

    Partner with StoneFly & Deliver Feature-Rich Managed IT Services to your Customers

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