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Enterprise-Level Integrated

Data Services

Simplify data management, set up reliable data protection, and monitor data and physical, virtual, and cloud workloads with real-time performance reporting.
Data Services
Integrated Data Services from StoneFly
Integrated Data Services from StoneFly
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    Integrated Data Services from StoneFly

    What are data services?

    Data services are software capabilities that improve high availability, secure critical data from threats such as ransomware attacks, and improve storage efficiency. With data services, IT infrastructure owners can get additional value from their investments, improve business performance, and prevent downtime.

    Make the most of your
    IT infrastructure
    with integrated data services
    integrated data services
    data protection data services
    Data Protection
    Protect business-critical data and customer information from threats such as ransomware, human error, and hackers.
    storage optimization data services
    Storage Optimization
    Optimize storage capacity consumption, reduce storage hardware, and improve cost-effectiveness of your IT infrastructure.
    data management data services
    Data Management
    Real-time resource consumption and performance monitoring and reporting - on-prem and in the cloud.
    data governance data services
    Data Governance
    Effectively control data life-cycle and automate data transfers across on-premises hot, cool and archive storage tiers.
    Protect your
    from ransomware
    Integrated Data Services from StoneFly
    Air-Gapped Volumes

    Highly secure and ransomware-proof target storage repositories isolated from the production network.

    WORM data services
    Write-Once Read-Many (WORM)

    Immutable storage repositories that limit editing, overwriting, and deletion as per user-defined policies.

    Integrated Data Services from StoneFly
    S3 Object Lockdown

    Cloud-native and ransomware-proof S3 object repositories - that can be locked as per user-defined policies.

    anti-ransomware data services

    AI-based automated detection, and removal of ransomware, virus, and malware for file and object volumes.

    Delta-based snapshots data services
    Delta-Based Snapshots

    Fast and immutable hourly, daily, and weekly storage snapshots that ensure reduced Recovery Point Objectives.

    Data Encryption
    Advanced Encryption

    Military-grade AES 256-bit encryption for data at rest and SSL/TLS tunneling for data at transit.

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    Storage Optimization Features
    Improve storage efficiency, reduce storage hardware costs, and leverage existing storage resources to the their fullest potential.
    thin provisioning data services
    Thin Provisioning
    Reclaim and repurpose unused idle storage to quickly provision resources for new application(s) and project(s).
    data deduplication
    Reduce file and S3 object data footprint by removing redundant copies of your data. Set dedup ratios up to 100x*.
    automated storage tiering
    Automated Storage Tiering
    Configure hot/cool storage tiers and automate transfers between high performance and capacity tiers.
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    Effective Data Management with

    Real-time Performance Monitoring Features

    Monitor and control CPU, system memory, network, and bandwidth usage in real-time.

    Effectively manage your data and workloads across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environment(s).

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    Make the most of your IT infrastructure

    No hardware and no longterm contracts – seamless and quick integration.

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