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 Software Defined Virtual Storage Appliance

The StoneFly Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine (SCVM™) Software-Defined HyperConverged  Storage using the existing resources of your VMware or HyperV Host virtual server. Now you can have SAN (iSCSI or Fibre Channel ) and NAS provisioned to your virtual machines,  Your Storage in virtual Host machine will become Target storage for all or any virtual machine in installed Host or any other physical or virtual hosts.

This virtual SAN storage platform for VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi, VMware vCloud and Microsoft Hyper-V environments provides an advanced, fully featured iSCSI, Fibre Channel SAN and NAS within a virtual machine to form a Virtual Storage Appliance.

Enterprise Data service: Snapshot, Campus Mirroring, Async or Sync Replication, Encryption , Thin provisioning, Dual node failover support  and much more 






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    Technical Specifications

    Features and Benefits of SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance as an SAN

    • Gain the benefits of an SAN (iSCSI or Fibre Channel) without requiring a physical SAN infrastructure
    • Installs easily on any VMware vSphere ESX / ESXi server with few system requirements
    • Provides shared storage for VMware environments leveraging your server’s current disk storage
    • Provides the best in class iSCSI provisioning storage appliance
    • Host or volume load balancing
    • Thin provisioning with space reclamation (optional)
    • Advanced copy-on-write, delta-based snapshot technology with:
      • Read/write snapshots
      • Scheduling and rollback
      • StoneFly VSS agents for Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, backup software, etc. (optional)
    • Synchronous mirroring
    • Campus mirroring (iSCSI mirroring)
    • Asynchronous replication/mirroring with delta transfer and schedules (optional)
    • AES-256 block level volume-based encryption (optional)
    • Data deduplication for efficient storage optimization (optional)
    • NAS – support for CIFS/NFS protocols (optional)
    • Comprehensive performance reporting and statistics
    • Scalable without disruption
    • Offers cost-effective disaster recovery using physical SAN replication to virtual SAN
    • Multi-thread block level access to storage
    • Web-based intuitive user interface
    • Multi-SCVM management
    • No downtime volume or storage expansion
    • No capacity limits
    • Easy to deploy and use
    • Fully integrated with the StoneFly SAN appliances

    StoneFly US Patents

    • 7,302,500
    • 7,555,586
    • 7,558,885
    • 8,069,292

    SCVM™ Virtual Storage Appliance Usages

    • As a primary or secondary SAN storage
    • As a virtual data deduplication appliance
    • To consoidate your mission critical servers and storage
    • As iSCSI storage for virtual machines
    • As a NAS share of file sharing appliance
    • As local mirroring/replication for backup
    • As remote mirroring/replication for disaster recovery
    • As backend storage for an archive appliance
    • As backend storage for a security appliance
    • As backend storage for a cloud appliance
    • As backend storage for a data deduplication appliance
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