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StoneFly Data Aware Cloud Archiving Solution

A Data Archival Solution Designed for Data Retention, Compliance and Security

Lighten Your Infrastructure – Archive to Cloud

Archival data consumes a huge part of an enterprise’s available data storage capacity. Keeping the archival data on-premises adds costs, increases complexity and affects business productivity.

Reduce the cost of data storage and lighten your storage infrastructure by moving the larger chunk of archival data to StoneFly’s reliable and cost effective data archival solutions in enterprise clouds such as Azure, AWS, StoneFly private cloud, and other S3 compatible clouds.

StoneFly offers a complete cloud archiving service that’s secure, durable, and extremely low-cost. Our cloud archive storage is suitable for a variety of enterprise data such as medical record storage, PACS archiving, surveillance video data archiving, and more.

With StoneFly Cloud Archiving Services You Get


Smart Management

Automatic, seamless data archiving, and anytime, anywhere access to your cloud archive storage


Reduced Costs

Cost effective with pay-as-you-use archival cloud storage

Configurable Policies

Configure data Storage and retention policies as per your business needs

Cloud archiving

Be Compliant with different industry standards

StoneFly’s Cloud Archiving Solution helps your business meet the requirements of a number of industry standard regulations sush as HIPAA, FIPS, FINRA, SOX, GLBA, and CJIS.

Powerful Alone. Better with Others.

StoneFly’s Archive Cloud Solution is compatible with the industries most Popular software and hardware appliances such as Commvault, Veeam, Veritas, Dell EMC, HPE, and others mainstream service providers.

StoneFly Archive Cloud Storage

Start Archiving Your Data to StoneFly S3 Archive Cloud for $10 per TB/month

Powerful Data Archiving Services For Better and Smarter Data Management

Image Based Snapshots Backups

Use built-in snapshot technology to make sure you can always recover your storage archive. With snapshot technology, we deliver optimized data recovery and data protection from ransomware, malware etc

Encryption – before, during and after transit

SCVM delivers AES-256 bit encryption at rest, during and after transit.


Unmatched Scalability

 Start small and add storage to your archive cloud storage as your archival data grows

Policy-based Tiering

Manage & automate tiering with user-defined policies to ensure cost-optimized archiving in the cloud.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Enjoy simplified and comprehensive enterprise-wide data analytics and performance reporting.


Industry Protocol Support

Archive cloud storage supports various mainstream protocols like CIFS and NFS for Windows and Linux OS.

Best Use Cases For StoneFly’s Cloud Archiving Solution

clinical data archiving

Healthcare Information Archiving

Hospitals need to retain petabytes of patient records (LIS, PACS, EHR, etc.) for decades to meet regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and HITRUST. StoneFly’s archive cloud helps you store patient record data secured with AES256 bit encryption at a very low cost.

Media Asset archiving

StoneFly’s archive cloud storage allows you to store all of your digital media assets in encrypted, redundant storage and cost effective storage archive.

media data Archiving
Email Archiving Services

Email Archiving

Several businesses rely on emails to run their operations and support sales processes. In order to comply with a wide range of regulatory, legislative and legal authorities businesses have to archive email data. StoneFly’s cloud archiving solution provides companies the flexibility and operational efficiency to meet industry regulations while keeping the cost of the archiving storage budget-friendly.

Scientific Data Archiving

Research organizations generate, analyze, and archive vast amounts of data. With StoneFly’s archive cloud solutions users can get rid of hardware complexities and fully focus on their research.

cloud archive Storage
video storage archiving

Surveillance Video Archiving

Organizations such as law enforcement agencies depend on large number of video surveillance cameras and body worn cameras that generate large volumes of surveillance video data. And with the increase in the image quality, the generated video sizes consume a lot of storage space. Furthermore, compliance regulations require longer retention periods. That can be challenging but StoneFly cloud archiving solutions make it look easy.

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