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StoneFly Improves Storage Usage for Hosting Service Provider


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  • Microsoft offers availability for Office 365 data but not granular level recovery and point in time restore options.
  • Companies have to be compliant. They need long-term retention of data for compliance which is not offered by Microsoft Office 365
  • The long term retention of data.
  • Management of data and workloads of growing business.
  • Data protection, with complete backup and disaster recovery strategy.
  • Complete control over the data
  • StoneFly Storage Virtualization Software – Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine (SCVM™)
  • Large volumes of sensitive financial data
  • Affordable long term storage
  • Compliance with industry

The Challenge

Building up a business take efforts to the maximum. To flourish in any business, it is essential to manage your workloads together as a team. Efficiency is the key to reach new heights in your business. With efficient management of your data and your workloads, success is at your doorstep.
Like many other companies, our customer: A power and water company which operates in the UK wanted to adopt a solution which can be marked as ALL-IN-ONE solution. “The management of workloads and data, is highly exhausting. We used to take days to manage our data. That wasted our time and resources to a great extent.” Says Jennifer Lious IT manager of the company.
The power and water company is a public utility which is serving the people since 1939 and more years are yet to come. Belonging to a sensitive sector, the company has a large amount of mission critical data which has to be always available.
Management and backups do half of the work and it’s of no use if the data cannot be recovered.
“Data is vulnerable and it takes weeks to recover data if anything catastrophic happens,”she said. “The company faces many losses because of this downtime.” There is also a need to minimize the retention policy gaps and data loss, security vulnerabilities and regulatory exposure.

The StoneFly Solution

Office 365 has a lot of business benefits. “Adoption of the StoneFly Veeam backup for Office 365 allows us to manage our workloads in minutes. It is perfect solution which provides best of both worlds” says the IT Administrator John Darwin. Microsoft 365 allows companies to have a number of business benefits. Office 365 allows the employees to work together in new and more efficient way.
Office 365 is much more than just a set of tools. It provides anywhere access to familiar office tools like enterprise-grade email, web conferencing, document management and business process workflows.The IT admin of the company can now keep their company up and running if a disaster occurs as the IT infrastructure is replicated in the cloud for the full-availability.
The power and energy company could now hit two targets with one arrow. He said, “Our employees can now work anytime, anywhere and communicate with one another in efficient ways.” The major concern which the company had was that, they wanted to ensure the workloads are backed up while maintaining control of the company’s historical email data.
The company’s compliance policy required because they require data anytime, anywhere.
Darwin said, “Veeam and StoneFly take care of our IT infrastructure. They help us to manage our workloads and protect our data. StoneFly Veeam backup for office365 ensures that our data is available and that it is in a usable form.”

StoneFly provides the company a total control and access to the company’s emails, calendars and contacts. With total local, historical backups, the emails required by the company is available all the time. As the company grows the solution grows with it.
There is one thing which is constant within the workloads and that is the “change”.
StoneFly Veeam backup for Office 365 allows the company to gain availability of the previous data as well as the present data. Jennifer said, “We need fast access to our data. This solution is straightforward and streamlined, this is what we enjoy about working with StoneFly.
StoneFly Veeam backup for Office 365 provides granular level recovery and point in time restore options. She said, “We had different service providers for physical and virtual backup earlier but now data backup and data recoverability with StoneFly is as easy as a flip of a switch, we use all possible solutions provided by StoneFly.” With industry level compliance provided by StoneFly, our company’s data is always secure.
The company needed a solution that ensures compliance with privacy legislation.
They required long-term retention of data for compliance, which is not offered by Microsoft Office 365. The StoneFly Veeam backup for Office 365 provided data archiving and long-term backup. “The 24.7.365 availability provides us the peace of mind,” she says. “We have control of our company’s data and we are also covered with industry level compliance.”

The Results

Smart movement of Data:

L. Jennifer said, “We are now proactive with StoneFly management and storage configurations. We can restore data in minutes rather than days.” Loss of long term data is the greatest fear. In current infrastructure the data is backed up locally and readily is available.

Complete Control Over Data:

It is often said that Microsoft takes care of everything but in reality. The solution takes care of the infrastructure and at the same time give complete control over the data. She further says, “The data belongs to us, we are responsible for it, the solution helps us in the process.”

Streamlined Data Management:

The data management and the emails for the company are streamlined.

Data recovery:

“Data is always vulnerable to disasters, we wanted a solution which provides data backup and basic data recoverability and StoneFly Veeam backup for Office 365 is a smart solution.” Says, the IT Professional. Office 365 provides point in time recoverability of data that allows the company to recover the backed up data.


The solution provided data archiving and long-term retention necessary for compliance with privacy regulations. She said, “With StoneFly Veeam Office 365 solution, we don’t have to worry about our mission critical data as it provides industry level compliance.”

Power and Water Company Streamlined Data Management with Veeam Backup For Office 365

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