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Paper Manufacturing Company Secures Backup Data in Azure Cloud


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  • Larger Volume of Backup Data
  • Limited & Difficult to Scale Storage Space
  • Long Term Future-Proof Storage and Retention of Mission Critical Data
  • StoneFly Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine (SCVM™)
  • StoneFly storage in Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Highly Scalable Virtual NAS Storage in Azure
  • Simplified Management
  • Feature-Rich Cloud Storage Experience
  • Cost-Effective Long Term Storage of Large Volumes of Backup Data


A paper, pulp, and packaging company with a variety of paper and forest-products. The company has a number of remote branches and sales outlets around the country.


Manufacturing Industry | Paper & Forest-Products


The organization had a reliable enterprise-grade backup software that protected their mission-critical data from data loss and other threats such as ransomware, accidental / malicious deletion, etc. However, the challenge that they were facing was that they had continuous increases in backup data volume, but had limited storage space on their in-house data center.

Furthermore, they were hesitant to put all their backup data in one place because they understood that it wasn’t a good practice.

“Our backup software had a proven record of performance. The only problem for us was that we had storage space limitations in our data center and we didn’t want all of our data in one place. We were looking into cloud integration options and StoneFly’s gateway solutions caught our eye” said Gabriel, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the organization.


To facilitate their cloud integration needs, our cloud experts suggested StoneFly’s Azure cloud gateway in conjunction with StoneFly’s Azure cloud storage as a bundled solution.

“We’re not an IT-centric company. Our primary focus is our products and we wanted a solution that simplified the entire process for us; StoneFly did that. Their customized package simplified our experience, the solution worked well with what we already had and the billing process was far simpler than expected” noted Hazel, the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) of the organization.


The StoneFly gateway enables the organization to store their backup data in Azure’s reliable, compliant and cost-effective cloud. The integration process was simple, quick and our team of experts guided them through every step of the way.

“We were up and running in less than an hour” – noted Bill, the Solutions architecture of the organization.

Secure Azure Cloud Storage

Azure ensures high availability for mission-critical with built-in geo redundancy. Our gateway secures the data at rest and transit while Azure takes care of the physical security of the servers where the data is stored.

Azure’s stringent security measures also make it a compliant Cloud Service Provider (CSP) which enables organizations using it to comply with federal regulatory standards if necessary.

Cost-Effective Serverless Storage

Compared to the cost of acquiring dedicated servers for long term storage and retention, our packaged solution, consisting of the cloud storage gateway and our storage in Azure cloud, offered a more budget-friendly storage option.The organization doesn’t have to deal with the maintenance of physical servers; the absence of additional servers contributes to the cost-effective and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the solution.

In addition, our data optimization services like Depublication for NAS and iSCSI SAN volumes and Automated Tiering for NAS volumes, helped the client significantly decrease the amount of data sent to the cloud. This was greatly beneficial as we only charge customers based on storage they use, therefore our data optimization services made a big difference in decreasing their storage costs. Highly Scalable Storage Repositories

The provisioned StoneFly storage repositories in Azure are highly scalable and can store from a few to hundreds of terabytes of data. The organization can choose to scale their storage repositories seamlessly while they pay only for the storage they use.

Our gateway appliance facilitates faster and secure transfers between the on-premises infrastructure of the organization and the configured StoneFly storage repositories in Azure. The cloud storage repositories also offer volume encryption to add another layer of security to the stored data and protect the organization’s important data.  

“We’re happy with the storage capacities we have in Azure. If we need more, we can scale whenever we want to. It’s simple, quick and pretty efficient” noted Bill.

Unified Management of Cloud Storage Gateway & Storage in Azure

With StoneFly’s cloud storage gateway and Azure cloud storage integrated with their existing systems, the organization had data distributed on different storage media. StoneFly’s unified management interface simplified the management process by providing one place to oversee their storage resources. 

“We have tiered data spread across our servers and Azure storage tiers but we can easily manage all of it with a single centralized GUI. Our system admins love that experience” – said Bill.

Feature-Rich Storage Experience in StoneFly Azure Cloud Storage

StoneFly’s gateway appliance and Azure cloud storage delivered an array of enterprise features to the organization which in turn facilitated them to set up a consolidated and optimized hybrid backup solution.

Following is a list of the standard features included in StoneFly cloud storage gateway appliance and StoneFly storage in Azure cloud:

  • Deduplication for NAS and iSCSI SAN volumes
  • Virus, malware and ransomware detection and removal
  • Automated tiering (NAS only)
  • Advanced encryption at rest and during transit
  • Delta-based snapshots
  • Synchronous & asynchronous replication
  • Real-time graphical performance reporting

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Paper Manufacturing Company Secures Backup Data in Azure Cloud

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