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StoneFly SCVM™ migrates SaaS Application

to Microsoft Azure Cloud – Increasing Scalability, Data

Mobility & Business Value


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Migrate a revenue generating SaaS application from an on-premises infrastructure to Microsoft Azure cloud to enhance availability, scalability and simplify management.


    A disruption free and simple to manage and execute migration to the Azure cloud for primary storage workloads that demand high availability which allows lower ongoing management costs than on-premises solutions.


      The enterprise gains high availability,
      data mobility and agility while
      freeing up more time to re-allocate to
      core business processes and increase
      business value for new customers
      and streamline operations.

      Our customer, a business intelligence company working in the law services industry, provides services to help and improve legal operations with their eDiscovery application. In order to enhance the customer experience, simplify processes, reduce overall cost and improve availability our customer needed to move their SaaS application from their on-premises

      infrastructure to Microsoft Azure cloud. As their clientele continuously growed, they needed scalability and high performance while delivering a disruption-free experience.

      Faster Application migration without re-engineering

      The customer came to us because of our solid portfolio and our expertise with cloud integration, in order to tap into the full potential of the cloud storage solution without spending any unnecessary resources. StoneFly facilitated the customer to effortlessly migrate their SaaS application to Microsoft Azure cloud without having to re-engineer it. Using StoneFly SCVM™ the customer didn’t have to “modernize their application” to migrate their SaaS application from their on-premises infrastructure to Microsoft Azure cloud.

      StoneFly SCVM™ migrates SaaS Application to Microsoft Azure Cloud

      StoneFly SCVM™ simplifies Data Migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud

      Our customer’s SaaS application facilitates law firms to analyze, review, produce, and report on data with legal information efficiently. The amount of data processed by the application is highly sensitive and demands advanced data security and data protection that adheres to industry regulations like FedRAMP and CJIS.

      The combination of SCVM™ and Microsoft Azure cloud enables our customers to stay compliant to a number of industry regulations. The data migration from on-premises data center to the cloud had to be done in an environment that was secure, fast and disruption-free. With SCVM™, our customer was able to easily move their SaaS application along with the sensitive data to Microsoft Azure cloud in a frictionless and disruption-free process.

      Additional services of SCVM™

      Apart from enabling simpler and faster data migration to the cloud and delivering advanced data security and data protection to our customer, SCVM™ also helps our customer to:

      • Deploy storage within minutes
      • Experience lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) due to replacing on-premises enterprise storage with an elastic cloud NAS.
      • Experience further cost reductions and greater customer satisfaction due to StoneFly’s no storage downtime guarantee.

      Why the customer chose us

      The SaaS application used a shared file system and they didn’t want to re-engineer their application and systems to adapt to Microsoft Azure cloud. They needed a smoother “Lift and Shift” operation to Microsoft Azure. Other than this, they had specific preferences about the Azure data centers they wanted to store their data in. That’s why they came to us because StoneFly’s partnership with Microsoft Azure enables our customers to setup their storage or backup in Azure data centers around the globe.

      The integration of SCVM™ with their legacy systems enabled them to seamlessly migrate their workloads swiftly and with ease. Their was no need to re-engineer their applications to better suit Microsoft Azure cloud. Many companies struggle with the transition of legacy applications onto the cloud. The process requires modernization and improvement in terms of security, performance, and stability. Our customer was able to avoid the complication and struggle by simply integrating SCVM™ and leaving the hardwork to the enterprise-level software. 

      Ongoing Value

      With StoneFly SCVM™, our customer was able to effortlessly migrate their SaaS application to Microsoft Azure cloud. Apart from this, the customer leverages SCVM™ to enhance management and improve simplicity to save time while ensuring high availability for their cloud applications to their clientele.

      Microsoft Azure delivers data mobility and simplified accessibility to our customer while they utilize SCVM™ to setup backups in Microsoft Azure cloud as well. With SCVM™, our customer can not only protect their workloads but also ensure reduced downtime for their mission-critical workloads by using SCVM™ for DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service).

      StoneFly SCVM™ migrates SaaS Application to Microsoft Azure Cloud

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