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Media Strategist & Planning Company Scales Up With Petabyte NAS


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  • Large Volumes of High Resolution Media Content
  • Difficult to Scale Existing Storage System
  • Redundant Storage of Mission Critical Data in Cloud
  • Complexity in Managing Resources.
  • StoneFly Petabyte NAS
  • StoneFly Azure Cloud Gateway with StoneFly Azure Cloud storage
  • Highly Scalable Storage Space On-Prem
  • Compliant Cloud Storage in Azure Cloud
  • Simplified Management Through a Single Centralized Interface


A media strategist and media planning company offering data science and visionary services to clients of the mass media industry.


Mass Media, Publishing, Marketing.


The mass media company was dealing with ever increasing data, which its old storage system was not able to handle. The industry was facing an alarming increase in the resolution of the video content. The frame per second rate in the industry was increasing from 24 fps to 48 and 60 fps. This figure is already expected to go up to 300 frames per second.

As the frames per second rate went up, so was the storage capacity needed to store these video files. The organization faced a serious shortage of storage space to store the gigantic volumes of content that was coming with higher fps rates and higher resolution.

The organization was in need of an immediate increase in their storage capacity as the business and the data was not coming slow to the organization. The company did not only require scaling out but also scaling up with the increasing demand for the storage space. There was also more processing speed and ability required to successfully and effectively handle more data.

Another challenge the organization faced was the inability to connect to the cloud effectively and seamlessly as their existing data storage solution was not compatible to industry compliant cloud vendors. They needed to store their mission critical data not only on-premises but also in the cloud, to make it redundant.

The third challenge was complexity of the data storage infrastructure, as it is a media strategist and planning company, simple management of resources was something they could not have compromised on. There were past instances where they did not have enough processing simplicity and efficiency to edit and deliver some of the projects in time and lost some business due to this inability. They required a data storage solution which could be easily managed through a centralized interface to reduce the complexity as it could result in quicker and rapid processing.


Our experts stood up to the challenge of solving the high scalability, cloud connect and high speed challenges and came up with the petabyte NAS to be the perfect fit for the organization.

The challenge of having a storage capacity enough to store increasing data could only have been solved by offering a Petabyte NAS solution.

Petabyte NAS also comes with built in cloud connect. This way it proved to be a perfect fit for the challenge of redundant data storage with flexible and scalable environment. For this problem StoneFly Azure cloud gateway with StoneFly Azure cloud storage was offered.

The technology head of the organization, Mr. Harry, obliged StoneFly by saying, “We could not have asked for any better solution than what we got from StoneFly. Not only did we get limitless scalability, but also the compliant Cloud Connect within one solution. We did not want to go to different vendors for these challenges and it was great to have one solution that solved both of our major problems. “


The StoneFly Petabyte NAS facilitates the organization to store the high resolution videos made on increased rate of frames per second, in a virtually unlimited storage space, and also offers compliant cloud storage for redundancy in Azure. The resolution offers a data storage solution which allows them to manage the resources simply from a centralized interface.

Virtually Unlimited Storage Capacity in Petabyte NAS

StoneFly’s Petabyte NAS offers highly scalable data storage capacity by adding drives and Appliance Nodes up to an unlimited number. It relieves the worry of running short of storage space from the minds of the organization’s IT staff members and heads.

Compliant Azure Cloud Storage Support

The built in cloud connect to Microsoft Azure Cloud makes the cloud storage deployment seamless and effortless for the organization. This way the mission critical data can be stored in the cloud for the redundant and compliant cloud storage.

Simple Management through a Centralized Interface

StoneFly’s Petabyte NAS comes with built in StoneFusion, which makes it a software defined solution to provide the simplicity in managing the petabytes of storage and resources through a single centralized interface. It makes the media planning and strategy organization’s data storage infrastructure more efficient, enhances its utilization along with making it easy to manage.

Some of the Enterprise Grade Data Services Offered by Petabyte NAS Solution

  • Deduplication
  • Snapshots
  • Replication
  • And a lot more


Media Strategist & Planning Company Scales Up With Petabyte NAS

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