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A Health Services Center Leverages its Backup in Azure with StoneFly SCVM


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  • Redundant data Backup was required.
  • The organization only had on premise backup.
  • Required a Cloud Solution Integrated with on premise infrastructure.
  • Compliant Cloud Required.
  • SCVM
  • StoneFly Storage Space in Microsoft Azure.
  • Higher Redundancy with not only on premise backup but also in the cloud.
  • Cost Effective cloud backup solution as it can run on existing infrastructure.
  • Compliant Cloud offered to them that was Microsoft Azure.
  • Simplified management as the organization did not have to buy the whole new infrastructure.


A healthcare organization dealing with countrywide clientele and large volumes of sensitive data. Their main hospital is in North America, in addition to a branch in South America.  




The organization was dealing with highly sensitive data of patients and could not afford to lose it at any cost. The organization only had on premise data backup which was not sufficient to guarantee the high redundancy and availability of data. For this purpose they needed a redundant data backup solution preferably which offered a 3-2-1 backup rule to make sure that the data is protected and is available even if they are hit by a disaster or a failure.

Another challenge for the organization was to get a data backup solution in the form of a server which could run on their existing infrastructure. There were two reasons for that. One, that they wanted cost effectiveness and did not want to buy the entire infrastructure. Secondly, the effort and time which would be required to learn and adapt to the new architecture would prove troublesome. They wanted a solution that can integrate the cloud to their existing data storage infrastructure, so that the time and effort of implementation and adapting is saved.

The need for a cloud solution which allows them to write their data on a trustable and compliant cloud required a solution that was compatible with the best of the clouds in the market. This was necessary for the reason that the data of the patients was sensitive and highly mission critical for the organization and no discrepancy or misuse of the data could be afforded. That is why they needed a trustworthy, authentic and compliant cloud to put their data in.  


StoneFly SCVM was the best solution for the organization as it not only provided a server but a complete solution for the organization with integration to the existing data storage infrastructure which the organization already had in place. Secondly, StoneFly SCVM is compatible with the market’s leading and compliant Cloud Vendors like Microsoft Azure, which was the requirement of the organization.   

StoneFly Storage in Microsoft Azure was the best choice for the organization as they demanded a compliant and trustworthy cloud vendor because the type of data they were dealing with was sensitive and mission critical not only for the operations of the organization but also for the confidentiality and privacy of their patients.  


StoneFly SCVM and StoneFly storage in Microsoft Azure backed up the data according to the 3-2-1 rule for the organization. The new solution was integrated with the existing on premise infrastructure which proved to be cost effective and time saving for the staff.

Highly Redundant Data Backup

The StoneFly solution offered to the organization a highly redundant data backup as it is recommended in 3-2-1 rule. It made sure that the sensitive data is highly available all the times. The organization’s data was now not only stored on premise but also in the cloud which made it highly redundant.

Cost Effective Solution that Integrates With Existing System

The solution by StoneFly provided cost effectiveness mainly in terms of the ability of the server that could run on the infrastructure which was already in place for the organization. The organization saved time and cost as they did not have to buy everything and build a new infrastructure from the scratch.   

The Solution Offered Compliant Cloud Storage In Azure

StoneFly offered to the organization its storage space in Microsoft Azure which is one of the market’s leading cloud vendor for the compliance aspect to be covered adequately. The client got what they wanted and were really happy about it.

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A Health Services Center Leverages its Backup in Azure with StoneFly SCVM

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