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Data Collaboration Made Easy for Engineering & Planning Company
with StoneFly Enterprise Cloud Storage in Azure


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  • Cross-site data collaboration in
    the midst of data growth and
    company expansion
  • Data synchronization between
    on-site & offsite teams
  • Scalable solution for an increasing
    demand of data handling.
  • StoneFly Azure Cloud Storage
  • Easier data storage, access,
    manage, and control.
  • Highly Scalable cloud storage
    solution – scale up or down as
  • Faster data transfer rate
  • Reduced costs


Our client, an engineering and planning company in Springfield, delivers significant engineering related projects around the globe.






With the existing infrastructure, the company needed a new fast and scalable solution that supported high IOPS. In order to complete projects, teams were sent across the globe to collaborate on-site with other teams. With each office having their own individual data center, teams faced issues with data synchronization when it came to collaborating on BIM and CAD models.  Having multiple teams collaborating cross-site on a single project became an excruciating slow process and created a challenging work environment. Therefore, the company had to dedicate specific employees to handle and synchronize files manually. They desperately needed a complete infrastructure overhaul as their processing methods proved to be extremely inefficient and expensive while at the same time their data centers were reaching storage space capacity.

 “We were jumping through hoops trying to manage these islands of data in a reliable fashion, making sure that each file was consistent and accessible for effective collaboration between our offices,” said an IT manager of the company.


To mitigate these cross-site data collaboration challenges, the company needed a fast cost-efficient solution that was scalabile and could support high IOPS.



StoneFly Enterprise Cloud Storage in Azure

With cross-site data collaboration and synchronization issues, Stonefly’s team of technicians offered Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Storage as a solution. Utilizing its functions and capabilities, the engineering company was able to store, manage, control and access data from anywhere at any time. With the new infrastructure deployed, the company’s ability to process data from across the globe became more efficient and cost-effective.

 “Managing data and collaboration between on-site and offsite teams has never been simpler. IT staff can create, manage, control and scale storage repositories in a few clicks. We can have the storage we want, when we want it and we can control who gets access to it. StoneFly’s storage solution and Azure cloud has turned data management into a valuable asset” – said the IT manager of the engineering company.

 Stonefly’s enterprise cloud storage future-proofed the engineering company’s architecture by enabling them to connect to Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Storage through Stonefly’s NAS, SAN or NAS + SAN cloud integrated solutions.

 Providing high scalability, IT administrators could easily manage and control all their storage resources from a single management interface. Users were now able to access all of their data through Azure cloud from anywhere whenever they needed. The combination of Azure’s geo-replication and StoneFly’s enterprise-grade data services (like snapshots, replication, automated storage tiering etc.) made collaboration easier, faster, secure and reliable for the engineering company and their branch offices.



With the new infrastructure implemented, collaboration and synchronization became easier, better and reliable. After configuring StoneFly Azure cloud storage, the company is now able to enjoy a process-friendly data storage experience. Data storage issues are now resolved by the scalability that the cloud storage provides.

Seamless Data Collaboration

StoneFly’s enterprise cloud storage solution is now able to deliver seamless data collaboration by improving data accessibility among teams located in different locations while keeping the files synced at all times.



Storage space capacity is no longer a concern due to the scalability of the new platform. Dedicated storage space can be easily consolidated and allocated as additional storage space for a specific user group or branch keeping cost implications balanced. StoneFly’s gateway technology makes scalability business-friendly by liberating IT environments from the worries of file-size limitations in Azure.


Faster Data Transfer

StoneFly’s cloud storage delivered data services like replication, automated storage tiering, and thin provisioning  enabled the company IT environment to make data transfers faster, automated, and reliable.


Reduced Cost

Data services like thin provisioning and data deduplication facilitate the engineering company to reduce the CapEx and OpEx costs of their cloud storage solution. Additionally, the purely cloud-based storage solution greatly reduced costs compared to a hybrid or on-premises storage solution.

As the company continues to leverage StoneFly’s innovative storage solution, managing storage resources in Azure cloud are now simplified making cloud storage an affordable solution.

Data Collaboration Made Easy for Engineering & Planning Company

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