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Construction Company Builds Backup Infrastructure with DR365V


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  • Large Volume of Data
  • Data Security
  • High Availability
  • Ransomware Protection
  • DR365V-2404 with 24-bay 12-Gb SAS Attached Storage Expansion Unit
  • StoneFly Cloud Storage in Azure Cloud
  • On-Premises Backup & DR Infrastructure
  • Backup copies to Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Data is always available
  • Data can be accessed remotely
  • Advanced encryption secure important data


Our client, a construction company in Florida has been in operational since late 2002. They deal with clients from the US and Europe and thus have to maintain a reputation.

Challenges: Large Volume of Data, Ransomware, Data Security & Availability

Their main concern was the availability and recoverability of their important data. As an industry leader in the construction market, they relied on several high end applications that helped with architecture design. The generated data was important for their customers and for their business too. Losing this data meant losing business and potential clients.  

Ransomware was also a major concern for the company. They had seen recent attacks on similar institutions and companies and wanted to be prepared for it too.

Besides the security concerns and the availability challenges, the real challenge was the large volume of data that they relied-on on a daily basis. And since the company’s clients continued to grow in number, the data correspondingly was expected to grow in volume.

“We have terabytes of data and we don’t want to lose any of it because all of it is important. We rely on it for various applications like developing architecture designs, sharing those designs, and we rely on them to win us construction projects worldwide. So if any of it disappeared, or wasn’t there when we needed it to, we would be in trouble”, said John, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the company.

Solution: DR365V-2404 Backup & Disaster Recovery Appliance with 24-bay Storage Expansion Unit & built-in Cloud Connect to Azure

For their use case, our experts proposed DR365V-2404 appliance with SAS-attached High IOPS 24-bay storage expansion unit.

The DR365V is a software defined hyperconverged backup and DR appliance. The backup appliance has a built in cloud connect to Azure which is perfect for the company as they were also in search for an archiving solution that was cost effective and reliable.

Among many backup and recovery features, the DR365V offers direct VM spin up, one click restore, instant VM recovery and instant file-level recovery, delta-based snapshots, replication, and others that effectively reduce the Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs); thereby minimizing downtime and delivering business continuity.

Results: On-Premises Backup, Ransomware Protection, Encrypted , Secure & Highly Available Data

DR365V offered the company an efficient backup solution for their data. They can now backup their data easily, no matter how big the data volume is. StoneFly and Veeam delivered a robust and reliable data backup solution which offers encryption to make their data more secure.

With Veeam’s backup software, the construction company can set up backups on their on-premises infrastructure and are able to create backup copies in the Microsoft Azure Cloud using StoneFly’s built-in cloud storage gateway. Through this they have achieved data redundancy and have setup a reliable and robust data backup plan for their critical data.

They were able to backup copies of their critical data to the Azure Cloud. Having backup copies in the Azure cloud gives them the ability to always have a way to access and recover their data, through anywhere. And they can leverage the cost effective cloud storage repository for archiving purposes.

Another advantage they are enjoying is ransomware protection. All company and client data is protected from ransomware attacks. With the DR365V, now they have the ability to recover from ransomware attacks with a few clicks.

John got in touch with us after the implementation and shared his positive feedback.

“We could not be happier. Our important data is secure and the business is safe from ransomware attacks. And as our business grows, we can effortlessly add more storage and performance as we need it. This solution has definitely taken care of all of our needs.”


Construction Company Builds Backup Infrastructure with DR365V

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