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Charity Organization Saves Data & Money With Stonefly Unified Storage


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  • Hardware End Of Life
  • Large Volumes of Data From Scattered Users With Intensive Workload
  • Concerned about Scalability & Management
  • StoneFly Unified Scale Out (USO™) Converged Storage Appliance

  • Highly Scalable Infrastructure
  • Management Simplification
  • Rapid Deployment 


The organization is a registered charity with staff across the US.


Voluntary Sector


As part of the various social projects undertaken by the charity, the client’s staff and volunteers gathered and organized data relevant to their charitable programs. Their servers had reached end-of-life and needed upgrades. At the same time, as a result of new data collection procedures, they were accumulating large volumes of data which demanded greater storage capacity than their previous infrastructure had. To make matters worse, the infrastructure was difficult to scale so they couldn’t expand easily.
Moreover, the client’s infrastructure was supported by tons of hardware which caused management difficulties. Its switches, storage, and servers needed round the clock attention by many technical professionals. Their backup was a separate, physical rack mounted server with legacy tape drives.
Jeff, the client’s Information Officer, stated, “We had management woes that were growing with our data. Worried about the infrastructure and its users, we decided to give StoneFly a shot after understanding their product”.


A thorough analysis of the operative challenges of the organization was conducted and the solution recommended was our StoneFly Unified Scale-Out (USO™) 36-bay converged storage appliance that was populated with 3.5”, 7200rpm, 15TB SAS and 12Gbs 3.2TB SSDs. The high-scalability USO converged appliance supports file, block and object level storage which provides unlimited scalability, performance, and economy.


The solution delivered high performing data storage for the client. StoneFly USO allowed them to run intensive workloads, scale out, up or both limitlessly, and in a cost effective manner. The client could now use full capacity of their infrastructure while provisioning various storage level repositories that are running on high performance SSDs from a single platform. The whole infrastructure was now managed, controlled and administered from one box setup to accommodate a range of storage requirements.
Jeff now said, “Life was simple once again. We didn’t have a team of people running around the infrastructure, but just one member looking after everything from a centralized appliance. Scalable and cost effective, we couldn’t have asked for a better solution”.

StoneFly Unified Scale Out (USO™) Converged Storage Appliance

Highly Scalable Architecture

The StoneFly USO appliance can easily scale out to thousands of nodes so the client’s concern regarding limited storage capacity was resolved. The appliance can deliver petabytes of storage along with directly proportional performance. 

Management Simplification

The new converged infrastructure provides centralized management which directly resulted in eliminating complications on a number of levels such as deployment, configuration, provisioning, patching, and upgrades. The charity IT team organized their dashboards and reports in accordance to their requirements to ensure enhanced productivity and business continuity. 

Rapid Deployment 

The appliance is designed for fast and easy deployment. StoneFly has a dedicated and experienced tech support team that is available 24/7 365. The charity purchased StoneFly’s white glove installation and configuration service and were guided by the StoneFly team step by step through deployment and setup. All of the client’s requirements including third party software were also integrated into the system before delivery. 

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Charity Organization Saves Data & Money with StoneFly Unified Storage

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