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Biotechnology Company Eliminates Data Management Complexity with

StoneFly Smart cloud Gateway


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  • Storage of large amount of data.
  • Time consuming data transfer between clouds.
  • Expensive backup and disaster recovery solutions in the market.
  • Issue of scaling up within current infrastructure.
  • Rising threats of disasters make data vulnerable.
  • StoneFly Smart Cloud Gateway.

  • Simplicity
  • Data Security
  • Fast Data backup and data recoverability
  • Scalability
  • All Time Availability •Industry Level Compliance


Our client, a biotechnology company based in the United States is a privately owned company that supports the advancement of scientific research around the world. Leading innovators of cost-effective cell culture media, the company employs over 1,100 employees in 8 other countries across the globe.






In order to keep up with the exponential growth rate within the biotechnology sector, IT teams require high-performance and scalable data storage solutions that are cost-efficient with features that provide backup and disaster recovery.

With different instruments generating data everyday, the company needed a solution that would be able to sort the information and store it based on its type. They required a low latency solution that could be locally accessed.



Stonefly’s Smart Cloud Storage Gateway are integratable with existing infrastructures such as legacy, bare-metal servers, NAS, SAN and HCI appliances. The cloud storage gateway allows you to migrate data off-site into cloud-based repositories and allows users to access them locally through services such as Azure Blob, Amazon S3 and other S3 compatible clouds.

The enterprise gateway solution enables remote and branch offices (ROBOs) to centralize file storage and sharing by synchronizing and replicating changed data in real-time. Accessible from anywhere, the solution comes with built-in features such as synchronous replication, synchronization can be automated to improve collaboration among teams.

With a simple user-friendly interface, users can easily scale workloads as needed. Stonefly’s Smart Cloud Storage Gateway eliminates the need of purchasing physical hardware to increase storage space as business expands.

Using SSL/TLS tunneling and AES 256-bit encryption, Stonefly’s Smart Cloud Storage Gateway protects valuable and sensitive information from malicious software while in transit. Leveraging Snapshot technology, the solution creates snapshot images that protect data from data loss and ransomware attacks.


The affordable solution can be used to store video surveillance, medical records, e-mail archives and backups in the cloud to maximize data availability and retention.



Through abstraction, Stonefly’s Smart Cloud Storage Gateway eliminates complex infrastructures needed to operate. With built-in automation services, the cloud storage gateway eliminates time consuming data transfers and unreliable backups. Managing storage space through a user-friendly interface, users can easily set up data transfers from on-premise infrastructures-to-cloud or cloud-to-cloud.


Data Security

With Stonefly’s Smart Cloud Storage Gateway data is encrypted end-to-end with the built-in encryption. The cloud storage gateway provides data security with SSL/TLS tunneling and AES 256-bit encryption. Administrators can easily detect any malicious traffic with advanced reports.


Fast Data Backup and Data Recoverability

With snapshot technology, data protection is at an industry compliant level. Protected from data loss and ransomware, the cloud storage gateway is in compliance of FedRAMP, HIPAA and CJIS standards. Taking advantage of snapshot technology, data recoverability is available through the cloud.



Large amounts of data translate to slow data transfer. Stonefly’s Smart Cloud Storage Gateway eliminates that issue by allowing users to scale their data as needed.


Availability of Data

With data stored on the cloud, data availability is accessible from anywhere at any time. Archived data can be accessed within seconds.


Industry Level Compliance

Stonefly’s Smart Cloud Storage Gateway solution provides industry level compliance. The solution meets all the standards of FedRAMP, HIPAA/HITRUST, CJIS and other similar regulatory administrations.

Biotechnology Company Eliminates Data Management Complexity with StoneFly Smart cloud Gateway

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