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StoneFly Backup Solution Protects Office 365 Data for an Educational Institute


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  • Large data volume
  • Data security for important data
  • Data availability
  • Veeam backup for Office 365
  • StoneFly backup gateway
  • On-premises backup for Office 365 data
  • Backup copies in Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Data is available and accessible
  • Data is secure with advanced encryption technology

The Challenge

An educational institute in California sees to the education of thousands of students. To make sure administrative processes run smoothly, they use Microsoft Office 365. The cloud-based software has become an integral part of daily operations. However, the continuous usage of Office 365 generated large volumes of important data that needed adequate backup and retention.

To ensure that the appropriate record is maintained and the institute continues to operate unhindered, the organization had to manage and control a large data pool; while ensuring that the data always available and secure from threats like data corruption, ransomware, accidental deletion, malicious deletion, etc.

“We had documents and emails, and just so much data. And it was all important. We couldn’t risk data loss or corruption. We needed a solution that made sure our data was always accessible and secure” – said David, the IT administrator of the institute.

The StoneFly Solution:

StoneFly worked with the IT team at the educational institute and concluded that the best option for them was Veeam backup for Office 365 with a backup gateway to Microsoft Azure cloud.

To facilitate the IT team at the institute, StoneFly’s technical team sat down and helped them with the installation process. Veeam backup for Office 365 was up and running in their data center within half an hour.

“These guys know what they’re doing. With their help, and Veeam’s step-by-step guide it was pretty easy to setup the backup software” – noted Brenda, an IT staffer at the institute.

With Veeam, StoneFly’s patented software (SCVM™) was configured as a backup gateway. With the backup gateway, the educational institute created backups in Microsoft Azure cloud.

The complete backup solution enabled the educational institute to retain access to their important documents and emails at all times and make sure that it’s safe and secure.

“It’s pretty easy now. We have backup jobs configured on Veeam’s backup software and the StoneFly backup gateway lets us create backup copies in Azure’s trusted cloud. And we get to manage it all with a single interface.” – said David.

The Results

Simplified Data Management

Regardless of the volume of data, the IT staff can manage their backups and backup jobs with a simple and easy to use management interface. This saves time and leaves less room for human-error.

Data Redundancy

With Veeam’s backup software, the educational institute can create backups on their on-premises infrastructure and create backup copies in Microsoft Azure clear. This delivers data redundancy and enables the educational institute to setup a reliable and robust data protection plan.

High Availability

Backup copies in Microsoft Azure cloud enable the educational institute to always have a way to access and recover their data.

Reliable Data Security

Veeam’s enterprise-grade software facilitates over 75% of Fortune 500 companies whereas StoneFly’s robust backup technology protects the data of nuclear class submarines. The combination of StoneFly and Veeam delivered a robust and reliable data security solution to the educational institute.

“This backup solution lets us schedule backup jobs and we can create copies in Azure. The whole setup is reliable and robust.We can definitely rely on it to make sure our data is secure and available” – said Brian, the data protection analyst of the educational institute.

Ongoing Value for the Educational Institute

StoneFly backup gateway technology enables the educational institute to configure secure and automated data transfers between on-premises appliances and from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud.

By configuring automated storage tiering policies, the educational institute is able to automate the process of data management. This reduces the number of staff needed to manage the solution.

With fewer hands managing their storage and backup infrastructure, the educational institute can focus their resources on delivering quality education to their students.

StoneFly Backup Solution Protects Office 365 Data for an Educational Institute

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