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First Blockchain Technology Backup

StoneFly innovative technology integrates Blockchain in backups allowing authenticity and verification for enterprises setting the standard for customer oriented services, once again.

First Blockchain Technology Backup

The essence of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is conventionally associated with cryptocurrency. However, the digital currency hype undermines the limitless potential of Blockchain. In order to understand other applications of Blockchain, it is necessary to understand how it works. Blockchain, in its simplest form, is a distributed database that keeps a continuously growing list/chain of transaction records; resulting in a decentralized system. Every portion of this system has a copy of the chain of records associated with each transaction; there are no ‘official’ records or copies. Information security is ensured using decentralization preventing tampering, revision and malicious editing.

First Blockchain Technology Backup
First Blockchain Technology Backup

Unique File Hash: “Fingerprints”

StoneFly’s DR365 generates a cryptographic “fingerprint” or a unique hash for each file. This hash is designed to work in a singular direction. For each input, there’s a single output every time regardless of the circumstance. Any change in a certain file, however small, leads to a completely different fingerprint and output. This makes it impossible to determine the original inputs from the outputs alone.

Data Anchoring in Blockchain

Blockchain only facilitates addition of records at the end of the chain. Each record is time stamped, immutable and independently verifiable. The technology resembles an “append-only” ledger with transaction orders distributed across many entities. Within this decentralized ledger, each transaction order keeps an identical copy of the ledger.

A hash of the whole structure containing the fingerprints of the files is recorded in the blockchain. The authenticity of these files can be independently confirmed by any party with access to the chain.

First Blockchain Technology Backup
First Blockchain Technology Backup

StoneFly’s Integration of Blockchain with Backup: Why do you need it?

When you backup your enterprise data, on-premises or in the cloud, the you expect StoneFly’s products and services to efficiently backup those files. The integration of Blockchain delivers an additional level of confidence to the authenticity of your enterprise.
In the future, you may wish to confirm that your backups are unchanged. Or, due to compliance reasons or quality assurance, you may require confirmation about the validity of your backup -that it has been retained in its original form and it has been unchanged.
Blockchain integration with backup creates a certificate for each file. This certificate connects the file with its permanent record in the chain; allowing enterprises to check and validate the file authenticity. The certificate contains the information necessary for independent verification. This check can be performed manually or through an automated process or by a third party (as long as they have access to the blockchain).

Use cases for Blockchain Backup

Common use cases for blockchain backup include property and personal copies of records, chain of evidence for court documents and long-term archives that are subject to various compliance or tax audits.


Verifying a Document is Unchanged (or Changed)

Suppose an enterprise has an agreement with a third party. The enterprise backs up to a local drive or StoneFly cloud. The third party also receives the exact same digital copy. After a few months, a conflict arises between the enterprise and the third party about the contract. And the third party uses an original looking contract to support their claim about a contract breach.

The enterprise (i.e first party) can resolve this problem using the original backed up copy and StoneFly’s certificate that verifies when the file was backed up and that no changes have been made ever since.


Confirmation of Original Creative Work

On the internet, a visual or musical artist may be skeptical about publishing a creative asset. With the certification issued by StoneFly’s Blockchain technology, the original date of backup, can be verified to convince the publisher.

In order to do this, the creator of the visual or musical art simply needs to create backups on the date of creation. Once the backup is complete, they can obtain a certificate with cryptographic evidence that can support a copyright claim.

Other use cases can be:

  • Proving legal documents existed on certain dates.
  • Proof of transactional record via time and date stamps for a bank.
  • Verifying authenticity of medical records.

24/7 Customer Support

StoneFly’s all about caring for its customers. Our technical support experts are always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, to attentively listen to every little detail and provide support accordingly.

First Blockchain Technology Backup
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